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Cowansville is a lovely town located in Quebec, Canada. Situated on Lac Davignon, Cowansville has an area of 17.80 square miles and a population of more than 12,400 residents, as the 2011 census indicated. Cowansville was first established in 1876, but the city was only incorporated in 1931. With an impressive commercial activity, Cowansville has known a great development, also becoming an important tourist destination in the area. If you are going to arrive in Cowansville soon, make sure to visit some of its most impressive sights of interest.

Top Attractions within Cowansville

Bruck House is one of the best art museums in Cowansville, hosting the Arts Center. The house actually is a historic building of the city, dating back to 1874. Within the museum you will be able to visit the Bruck Lee Collection, which includes original art works dating back to 1891.

Hitchcock House is another historic building of the city, which should not be missed. Built in 1888, the house was named in the honor of the family who owned the property for more than 10 years, between the 1950s and 1960s.

Restaurant Bon is a great place to eat in while being in Cowansville. The ambiance is wonderful and the food is delicious. Since the atmosphere is perfect for relaxing dinners, there is really no way you would not be able to spend a great time here, too.

Restaurant Castello-Sweetberg is an excellent eatery in Cowansville. The pastas and the deserts that can be enjoyed here have actually become famous all around the area for their amazing taste. So, if you like Italian food, you will find in this restaurant the tastiest one in the whole area. A wonderful dinner and the best time is what this spot can offer all visitors.

Princess Theater is the venue you have to visit for a great night out in the city. Numerous wonderful shows are hosted by the theater complex, in both English and French.

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