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Gaspe is a city located in Quebec, Canada. It includes several communities such as Cap-des-Rosiers, Douglastown, Haldimand, Penouille, Petit-Cap, Petite-Rivière-au-Renard, Pointe-Jaune, Cap-aux-Os and many others. Cap-aux-Os has a population of 15,100 inhabitants and is home to many natural beauties and attractions.

Top Attractions within Gaspe

Restaurant Brise Bise in Gaspe is a great place to have a meal, enjoy the atmosphere and delight your senses with each bite. The staff is efficient and very nice, while the prices are affordable. It also includes a pub and a terrace section. Good drinks and a various menu attract many people. Here is also live music performed by talented singers. This spot in Gaspe is a great treat, so it is highly recommended. It is perfect for a night out and the decor elements are fantastic. It is a decent and nice place with good food and music for everybody, so it is highly recommended for tourists in Gaspe.

Gaspe Peninsula is one of the most beautiful areas. Those who visit Gaspe should not miss the opportunity to admire this amazing place. It is a great scene, including fishing, boating swimming and whale watching facilities. Visiting this place will be a great and unforgettable adventure. In the area are great snack-bars. Tourists have also the chance to go on an amazing cruise along the Perce Rock and Bonaventure Island. The landscape is heavenly, so it must not be missed. There are also nice and small villages and huge churches. It is fantastic to enjoy this place that will relax you completely.

Plongee Forrillon is located in Gaspe, as well. It provides scuba diving for the entire family or for groups of friends with a specialized team. Here are also possible boat excursions for children and adults who have the opportunity to admire seals and other marine mammals. It will be one of the most interesting experiences in Gaspe, so it is a must for any tourist.

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