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La Sarre is a town located in Quebec, Canada and its population numbers approximately 7,300 inhabitants. La Sarre is the seat of the Abitibi-Ouest Regional County Municipality. La Sarre was settled first by the indigenous Algonquin. In the area are many beautiful forests and attractions.

Top Attractions within La Sarre

Restaurant Roger&Mena is a nice place to have a delicious meal and relax. The food is carefully cooked and all ingredients are natural and selected before being used. The restaurant provides not only tasty and fresh food, but also very efficient service. The waiters are very nice and provide clients any piece of information about the menu. It is a highly recommended restaurant in La Sarre with great reviews. The atmosphere is perfect, so this spot is a must for tourists who want to explore La Sarre.

Golf Beattie La Sarre Golf Course is a nice and relaxing facility. It represents a wonderful opportunity in La Sarre to have fun and enjoy an amazing experience. The golf course is large, clean and the green grass is fresh. Spending time here is an opportunity to exercise and have fun. Tourists who have not played golf before, have now this opportunity and will not regret it. Golf trainers are great and will help people learn something new and have a different experience. Many families come with their kids and relatives to have fun here, exercise and have fun.

Mirage Outfiter is an incredible spot located in La Sarre. Here, tourists can fish, sail, have a picnic and relax. The waters are all very clean and clear, so the landscape is absolutely amazing and unbelievable. This spot is ideal for families and couples who want to try something new, enjoy nature and get rid of stress. The spot is quiet and there are many wildflowers in the area that catch the eyes. It is a must for any tourist in La Sarre.

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