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La Tuque is a city located in Quebec, Canada and is home to 11,800 inhabitants. La Tuque is situated on the Saint-Maurice River. The city is an incredible spot, famous for its tourism opportunities. It has a fascinating history and is filled with many natural beauties.

Top Attractions within La Tuque

Restaurant Le St-Francois is located in La Tuque, Quebec, Canada. The restaurant is famous for its steaks that make clients lick their fingers. It is a great place to have a delicious, fresh, natural and reasonable pricing meal. The dishes are special, different and very tasty. The ambiance is fine and also very relaxing. The menu includes pizza, seafood, pasta, great wines and a long list of other beverages. The portions are very decent, so it is a must try for any tourist who visits La Tuque.

Motel De La Riviere in La Tuque is a nice and quiet place. Its services are great and all rooms are very comfortable. Tourists opting for this motel will save money, but will rest very well. The included facilities are great and the prices are reasonable. This motel in La Tuque is suitable for families as well, due to its amazing services and rooms. The breakfast is delicious and there is also a bar, as well as conference rooms for meetings and events.

Saint-Eugene Park represents one of the most beautiful and relaxing places in La Tuque. It features children playgrounds, swimming pools, as well as tennis courts. It is great that the little ones will exercise and will make new friends in a nice spot, filled with many nice things. Children can also play with their parents and relatives, so there will be much more fun then they imagined. The park is large, clean and a perfect opportunity for the little ones to spend time with their family and socialize.

Trenche River in La Tuque offers tourists the possibility to sail and to fish. There will be a great adventure. It is also a possibility to explore nature and enjoy the views.

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