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Matane is a city on the Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec, on the south shore of the Saint Lawrence River at the mouth of the Matane River. The area of Matane is known for its shrimp and the Matane River is also known for the extensive salmon fishing. The name Matane was first assigned to the river by Samuel de Champlain in 1603 and its meaning is open to many interpretations, with the most common one being that it comes from a Mi'kmaq word meaning beaver pond. Nowadays, Matane is an ideal holiday destination, that provides peace, quiet and tranquillity, for a short vacation or a weekend getaway.

Top Attractions Within Matane

Art Gallery Matane is a wonderful museum, founded in 1976, with permanent and temporary exhibitions. Its mission is to promote the artistic development of the local artists. The exhibits put on display consist in paintings and sculptures of the local and international artists, that pertain to the modern and contemporary period. The admission fee for children is free and in weekends, adults and families can benefit from discounts.

Restaurant le Rafiot is a wonderful eating venue, where you can enjoy some of the finest and most exquisite dishes in Matane. Here, you can serve brunch, midi express, lunch or dinner in a cozy and intimate ambiance. There is a special menu every day, consisting in the local specialities, such as Caesar Salad with lobster and pancetta, crab cakes, lobster and shrimp, a plateau of veal, beef or chicken. The restaurant has also got a fine selection of wines, that go hand in hand with the dishes.

Restaurant Cafe aux Delices is another great eating spot in Matane, where you can have a delicious brunch, lunch or dinner in a very friendly ambiance. Aside from the mouthwatering dishes, there is also a wide range of delicious desserts, a fine selection of wines as well as other beverages. The children have also got their special menu, consisting in pancakes with maple syrup, fries, hamburgers and soda.

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