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Mont Joli City or Ville de Mont Joli is a beautiful locality in La Mitis, in the province of Quebec, Canada. Mont Joli is also the county seat of La Mitis. If you plan to visit it, you can find it on the south shore of Saint Lawrence River. The history of Mont Joli starts in 1867, when a train station named Sainte-Flavie was built in the area. In 1880, the settlement that developed around it was incorporated as Mont Joli, because the early settlers of the area used to call it like this. Past and present notable residents of Mont Joli include inventors Joseph-Adalbert Landry and Bertrand Dandonneau, writers Pierre Labrie and Micheline Morisset and politician Danielle Doyer.

Top Attractions within Mont Joli

Pointe-au-Pere Lighthouse National Historic Site is a historic attraction located near Mont Joli. This lighthouse is a museum depicting the history of the Saint Lawrence River. Although the building is old and keeps in it memorabilia and old photos of earlier locals of Mont Joli and the nearby cities, it is perfectly kept and maintained having the aspect of a new house/

La Bifteque is a lovely restaurant of Mont Joli. It is located near the central station of the city, at 86 De La Gare Avenue. This eatery offers the finest dishes of the French cuisine, in high portions and for medium prices. The restaurant has a friendly atmosphere and the staff is very friendly and helpful.

Roy Georges is an upscale eatery located in the city center of Mont Joli. You can visit the elegant restaurant at 875 Boul Jacques-Cartier Suite 107. It has an elegant design and is perfect for a romantic night out. The menu is based on the local cuisine of Mont Joli, but it also has some dishes of the international cuisine.

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