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Mont Tremblant is a beautiful city that you should visit if you travel to Canada. You can find it in the Laurentides county of the Laurentians region, in the Quebec province. The name of the city comes from the previous inhabitants of the area, the Algoquins who named it like this in reference to a trembling mountain. The current Mont Tremblant city was created recently, in 2000, after the merger of the former Mont Tremblant with Lac-Tremblant-Nord and Saint-Jovite. In present, it has approximately 8,800 residents, of which 90% speak only French. The total area of Mont Tremblant is of 235 square kilometers. If you want to pay a visit to Mont Tremblant, there are a lot of things to do in the area.

Top Attractions within Mont Tremblant

Circuit Mont Tremblant is a race circuit where you may see national and international races. It has more than 4 kilometers and it was opened in 1964. The architect of this important project was Allan Wilson. The major events hosted on this Mont Tremblant race were the Canadian Grand Prix and the Atlantic Championship.

Mont Tremblant Adventure Course is a true sport experience that you should not miss if you are a sport passionate looking for adventure and pure adrenaline. This course includes day or night excursions with various challenges - you may find yourself in need of crossing suspension bridges, practicing zip-lining or walking on a tightrope. The total time needed for all the activities is two hours, but it may be prolonged at your desire.

Mont Tremblant Ski Resort is a resort that you can visit all through the year. It is located in an amazing location of Mont Tremblant and besides the ski slopes it also has a swimming lake and two golf courses. These can be used in the sumer months. The whole area is wonderful and even if you are not a sport passionate, you will still find something interesting to do within this Mont Tremblant attraction.

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