The Geek's Travel Guide: Top 10 Apps and Gadgets

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So you're planning a trip to a new and exciting destination, you pack your bags and set off on your adventure. Upon arrival you head to your booked hotel, but what bus do you catch?, What restaurants do you go too? What iconic landmarks do you visit? All these questions and more often overwhelm you, so having something you can carry in your bag or in your pocket to solve these problems is usually appreciated.

With today's advancements in technology and the diverse range of gadgets and applications, traveling is made simple, meaning you can get the most out of your time and find things you otherwise wouldn't have. Below are listed some of the best applications and gadgets designed to enhance your traveling experience, using these to your advantage will give you the edge over other travelers.


1. WeatherPro- This app offers a thorough and easy understanding of the weather situations in the city your in, or in destinations you're traveling to. It's simple user interface offers the ability to view multiple locations weather at once, with seven day forecasts available. WeatherPro allows you to plan your trip accordingly to the weather situations.

2. XE Currency- Ever been unsure as to how much money you really have? Want to be constantly updated on the global dollar? XE Currency brings you all the details you need to take control of your money. This application can quickly convert currencies leaving you always aware of your financial situation. This app is a must whilst traveling in foreign countries.

3. Roadtrippers- Roadtrippers has quickly become one of the worlds most successful trip planners. The app includes features like Bucketlist; which creates a list of things to do and places to visit, the app also highlights places of importance to visit. Not only does this application help plan a trip before hand, it informs you of things to do as you journey to your destination. Roadtrippers is the ultimate planning app, with it's many features it ensures you get the best out of your trip.

4. TravelSafe Pro- During a holiday the most dreaded of situations is often severe injury or emergencies. Being in a foreign country there is nothing much worse and overwhelming that can happen. TravelSafePro is essential as it provides emergency service contact, including police, ambulance and firefighters. The application requires no internet connection, guaranteeing availability of the service non-stop. The app also has the unique feature of locating embassies. TravelSafePro does what it's titled, it ensures you always have contact to emergency services, wherever you are.

5. Google Translate- Often finding yourself lost in translation when you're traveling in a foreign country? Google Translate is a smooth operating and effective way to translate text to text, voice to text, and finally photos to text. Google Translate offers the complete package when it comes to trying to understand different languages. Google Translate is perfect for those who find themselves traveling in foreign countries.

6. Transit App- Transit App is a universal app that informs you of the most efficient and easy to access trains and buses in the area. The application is easy to read and simple to follow. It features real time tracking of the Bus or Train itself ensuring you never miss the transport you need. This app is a life saver when it comes to catching public transport no matter where you are.

7. Foodspotting- Dining in a foreign location can often be one of the many highlights of a trip. Foodspotting is an app dedicated to finding the nearest, finest restaurants and cafes. The app gives detailed reviews of restaurants and cafes helping you to make a decision. It features GPS location, full menus, and ties in well with social services. This app is essential when you're looking to dine.

8. Skype - Missing family and loved ones can be one of the hardest parts of traveling. Skype gives you a chance to make calls and video calls across the world by simply using an internet connection. Skype can also call mobile phone numbers and home phone numbers. It ensures you can always be in contact with your family and friends. Another cool app is Viber which allows you to send free messages and calls in any country!

9. Travel Diaries - Keeping a diary for years has been a key source of reflection and a great source of memories. Travel Diaries has revolutionized how you can reflect on your day and record your adventure. This great app can capture travel experiences and you even have the option to share it to other travel enthusiasts. It is free, easy to use, and informative. Now you can have your own digital diary filled with photos, stories and a map of where you've traveled.

10. Google Earth- Digital mapping on your personal device has just got better with Google Earth. This app has so much to offer when it comes to traveling. It features a smooth functioning 3d view of city scapes, buildings and landmarks. Easy controls mean you can efficiently and effectively find the destination you're looking for. On top of street views, it also provides transport routes and other useful information. This app is very beneficial when it comes to traveling.


1. Kindle - The Kindle is an universally known device, famous for being one of the best digital books. It is capable of holding over 1000 books and has 3G and Wi-Fi built in for downloading books on the go, no matter where you are. The Kindle is also very lightweight making it a suitable device for traveling. Kindle is a must for those who are keen readers on long trips or in their spare time.

2. Garmin GPS - The Garmin GPS is recognized as one of the best GPS systems you can get. Garmin have on offer maps all across the world for download ensuring you never find yourself lost. It has a simple and easy to use interface, and easy to understand vocal directions. The device is lightweight and easy to transport due to its size. If you're looking for a GPS device the Garmin GPS is a must.

3. Universal Power Adapter - There is nothing worse then finding yourself without charge on your devices and being unable to find the correct power cord. The Universal Power Adapter means you can charge your devices and other assets anywhere in the world. Its compact size makes it easy to carry around. The Universal Power Adapter is a must when it comes to traveling in general.

4. Portable DVD player - A portable DVD player is a device well suited to viewing movies on the go and on trips. It is capable of playing many video file types and has a long battery life. Its screen outputs a high quality picture and is large enough to comfortably watch movies yet still be portable. For those who enjoy movies on the go, this device is suited to your lifestyle.

5. Private Wi-Fi - Wireless Internet has become such a necessity with the standards of technology always increasing. It is often expensive or hard to get a hold of Wi-Fi when you're traveling. This device brings to you easy to access wi-fi. It is pocket size making it super easy to transport. The Private Wi-Fi brings you internet wherever you are meaning you always have access to internet. If you're using social media sites and internet itself a lot, the Private Wi-Fi is perfect.

6. Battery Phone Cases- Phones have become the most used device, they give you access to the internet, social media sites, and contact through phone calls and text. When you're traveling the easiest device to use is your phone, this is why the Battery Phone Case is an effective gadget to take along. Using this case gives your phone double the battery life, ensuring your phone will last the entire day or two. Using this case is a safe call if you favor your phone.

7. AblePlanet Earphones- Music is a great way to relax and pass time when you're traveling. Having a comfortable, pure and easy way to listen to your music is very important. The AblePlanet Earphones include noise cancelling technology meaning you get the best out of your music. The headphones themselves can be worn for hours on end and don't need batteries. If you're keen on music and want something you can use for lengthened amounts of time, the AblePlanet headphones are suitable.

8. MacBook Air- The MacBook Air is perfect for traveling whether it be work or leisure. The MacBook is extremely thin and compact making it easy to transport and slip into bags. It is capable of numerous tasks and can serve many different purposes. For a computer that is lightweight, easy to use, small, compact and so technologically advanced, the MacBook Air is the perfect traveling computer.

9. Grid It- When you're traveling you usually have a lot of small devices and gadgets that can be a pain to store. Items are easily lost and damaged in bags and pockets etc. Grid It makes your small device storage easy. Grid It is a soft, compact, layered board that can hold securely onto all your devices. With Grid It everything is kept together in an organized manner. For something to protect and store your many devices, the Grid It is perfect. 

10. GoPro- The GoPro is considered as one of the most durable, portable and easy to use cameras in the world. Whether it be relaxed or action packed trip, the GoPro is perfect. It has multiple photo and video modes meaning you can capture every moment of your journey. It's case is waterproof, shockproof and just about everything else proof. The GoPro is versatile enough to be effective on any trip.

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