Car Rental Tips

ABC News and VroomVroomVroom Team Up

VroomVroomVroom's US business director, David Eastes, teamed up with ABC News program, 'The Lookout' to film a segment on car rental deals and fees. Three teams spent three days traveling over 500 miles, renting nine cars and comparing prices to find the best ways to save money. The adventure began in the deep south of New Orleans and finished in Nashville, the country music capital of the world. 

This segment was filmed in the hope of giving customers a more positive and practical understanding of the car rental industry. In fact, if consumers follow some simple cost-saving measures, they can save a considerable amount of money when renting a car - as well as avoid paying those pesky 'hidden' fees! 

David's tips on saving money when renting a car
  1. Book at least 2-3 months in advance
  2. If purchasing additional insurance, only take out the basic package 
  3. Take your own GPS
  4. Pump your own gas
  5. Use
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