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Most Ridiculous Car Commercials

Most Ridiculous Car Commercials as listed by VroomVroomVroom

The growing automobile industry makes it difficult for car rental companies to standout amongst other manufacturers. The United States is one of the largest automobile markets in the world based on sales and production. According to Statista, approximately 7.7 million passenger cars were sold and 4.2 million cars were produced in the U.S. in 2014. 

VroomVroomVroom revealed its list of insanely weird and funny commercials

Imagine millions of vehicles with different brands and models competing in the automobile market annually! Even our car rental suppliers may be having a difficult time choosing which vehicle to rent out. To stand out among other car brands, most manufacturers try to think of various marketing strategies to promote their products; and creating a cool car commercial is often in their list. Cool is common that's why some has gone to great lengths by creating extraordinary commercials. It may seem ridiculous to others, but getting the audience to laugh, think, and say “What The…” could mean that their goal to get attention has worked! Check out VroomVroomVrom's list of the Most Ridiculous Car Commercials below:

Toyota Hilux

A man eating his steak and cheese sandwich had a hard time believing the story of a driver who claimed to have been caught in the middle of a cyclone, flood, landslide, and volcano eruption. The story got more bizarre when he spotted a wild boar wearing a full armor riding his big bike and a crazy-looking chimpanzee that demanded him an ice cream.

Kia Soul

As the name suggests, Kia wanted to put “soul” in its 2011 commercial by featuring giant hamsters dancing to LMFAO's hit song “Everyday I'm Shuffling.” They won the battle against the robots by dancing their way out of them. The video may not make sense, but the three giant hamsters became a huge success that they created more commercials that featured these dancing rodents.

Toyota Sienna

Toyota USA created their own music video for “Swagger Wagon” which featured Busta Rhymes. As the name of the song suggests, the audience were expecting to see rappers, b-boys, and sexy ladies doing the swag dance. However, they were surprised to see a typical American family singing and swagging to the song with lines like “Listen up mother fathers …” So it turned out to be more of a spoof than a legit music video.

Nissan Frontier

Nissan has gone overboard with this commercial and they even got a warning from the Federal Trade Commission for doing this insane stunt. The car company fooled many viewers with their fake news about an airplane landing with the help of a Nissan Frontier. They even have news clips and interviews from witnesses.

Hyundai Veloster

The 2011 commercial from Hyundai got banned in Holland because of violence, but some people think that the car company used strong imagery to get their message across. The first scene showed a woman getting hit by a car when she got out of a five-door vehicle. The second scene showed her safely going out at the right side of the Veloster because it only has three doors. Genius approach, but the violence seems too much for others.

WARNING: Some scenes may be too graphic, please don't let your child watch this.

We hope that you enjoyed watching VroomVroomVroom's list of Most Ridiculous Car Commercials. Which among these commercials is your favorite? If you know other insane and strange car commercials, feel free to share them in the comment box below. 


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