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Hometown Contest Entry #1

Geoff Reese and his hometown - Wheaton

Last July our family moved from Wheaton, IL to Texas to start a ministry for youth in the DFW area.  It was incredibly difficult to pick up a family from a place where everyone was born and raised and move to a location 900 miles away to a place that we knew nothing about.  We lived pretty close to both sides of the family in IL but now being 15+ hrs away, well we obviously don't see them.  Yes we chose to make the move but that does not mean that it didn't tear everyones heart out.  We will always consider Wheaton, IL "home."  With four kids, flying is out of the question because of the cost.  We are blessed to have two cars.  A 1999 Suburban with 204,000 miles and a 2004 Volvo with 102,000 miles.  Road worthy cars for Texas yes but not a great idea to drive the Suburban 1,800 miles round trip.  Honestly, without winning either prize, we will find a way to make it "home" for the holiday's.  Most likely we will need to rent a van.  Here's my suggestion.  Invest the $1000 in someone who desperately needs it.  Honor us with the $400 one week car rental.  Or, and not sure if this is even possible, you could make a $400 tax deductible gift to North Texas Youth for Christ.  Thanks for considering us.

Our son AJ in front and some friends that he can't wait to go back and see.  This was taken the day before we moved

Our family outside our house in IL the day the for sale sign was posted