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Four Savvy Travel Tips You Wish You Thought of

Learn some smart travel tips to help you become the world's savviest traveler

Around two million people travel by plane every day, according to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Thanks to more affordable ticket prices and a larger flight industry, traveling by airplane is more popular today than ever before. But despite the increased accessibility of modern modes of travel, most travelers approach it like amateurs. Of course, not every travel trick is intuitive or learned over time. If you're one of the many amateurs who wants to become one of the few experts, read on for four savvy travel tips you've never thought of.

#1 Control Your Space

car packed with bags

Between cramped airport security lines and cramped taxi cabs, you need a little space to breathe. Just because you're in coach doesn't mean you deserve to have your laptop smashed by the guy in front who thinks his seat is a La-Z-Boy recliner. Insert the Knee Defender ($19.95) -- a little plastic device that hooks onto your tray table like a charm and stops the seat in front of you from declining. The device is approved by the FAA, though it may provoke some dirty looks, according to Smarter Travel.

#2 Keep One Eye Open

confused traveling man

No one wants to think about the potential for danger or disaster while traveling, but sometimes confronting this possibility is the best way to keep yourself safe. Always keep your money and identification documents in a safe place, ideally on your person, at all times. Identity thieves and other criminals prey mostly on vulnerable tourists, so be skeptical of all strange invitations. This applies online as well, since it's common for travelers to get caught up in a phishing scam when purchasing travel plans and packages online, according to UT Dallas Information Security.

#3 Pack for "Just in Case" Moments

man with a backpack traveling

A lost bag can set your vacation back quite a bit. Even though there isn't a high probability of this happening, the slight chance would make anyone uneasy. For short trips, try to pack everything into one carry-on piece of luggage, making sure to include all of your most important items. Have a small outfit in your purse as well, and use compression bags to save as much space as possible. Gadling recommends that when traveling with a partner, pack half of your belongings in your partner's bag and vice versa. That way, if one bag gets lost, you won't be totally hopeless.

#4 Carpool

happy friends inside car rental

According to Rick Steves' European travel tips, if you're traveling in a group, it makes more sense to travel by car than by train or bus. Even accounting for gas money, a single two-hour train ticket can cost the same as a full tank of gas. Not to mention, cars offer more freedom than other forms of transportation, so you can break when you need to, switch drivers, and stop to see some sites along the way. Carpooling can also be a good form of transportation once you arrive at your destination, but it's best to use public transportation when seeing major sites to avoid steep parking fees.

Let's face it: traveling isn't exactly the most comfortable experience for anyone. But it doesn't have to be as miserable as your first flight, which I'm sure we all remember vividly. Applying these four tips can get you up to speed with the savviest of travelers, so you can keep your eye on your destination and navigate through the paths leading you there.

If you know other awesome savvy travel tips, share it below ;)