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ValleyField is located in the province of Quebec, Canada. As one of the major communities in the area, ValleyField is included in the Regional County of Beauharnois-Salaberry. The city of ValleyField was incorporated in 1874. In 2002, ValleyField merged with the communities of Saint-Timothee and Grande-Ile. The population of the city reaches approximately 39,670 inhabitants.

Top Attractions within ValleyField

Parc Marcil is one of the several outdoor locations in ValleyField. The park includes numerous amenities, which will enable people of all ages to spend great quality time out here. Perfect for family reunions, Parc Marcil is the location you will prefer for picnics and for recreation during your vacation.

La Nouvelle Orleans provides unique and delicious meals for people living in or visiting ValleyField. It is the place where you can plan all your meals through the day. You can browse through the menus offered to find the best Cajun Creole Cuisine types of dishes. All the meals are created through special recipes and can be served by the most complementary drinks. The atmosphere of the restaurant is casual and relaxed, providing a great meal and quality times.

Salle Albert Dumouchel is located in ValleyField. The venue is the best provider of cultural entertainment in the region, bringing people suitable performances of various genres in the artistic development. The theater plays that can be admired here cover all the genres, from dramas and tragedies, to comedies and musical. Dance performances and ballets can also be amdired here, to the delight of even more viewers. Other special events may take place at the venue, for which you will have to check the current program with the time frame of your vacation.

La Galerie du Coin brings visual arts in front of the willing public, in ValleyField. The gallery is based on changing exhibitions, which include the works of talented local artists. Paintings created for these exhibitions follow a variety of styles, from the more classical to most modern representations. The gallery also includes a coffee shop, in which you can relax and have a drink, while commenting on the arts.

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