Top 5 Things to do in Fishkill

The two gentlemen who originally purchased this land from the Indians never lived on it and today it is known as Fishkill. The town got its name from the two early settlers who were Dutch and the word Fishkill means “Stream full of fish” in the Dutch language.  This town is full of history.

1. Looking for good clean fun: A great way to spend a summer weekend is by payiFishkill Car Rentalng a visit to Splash Down. As the name implies, there are waves and swimming and water slides at Splash Down and it is a great spot for a family visit. One can also camp over here as they have a camping facility.

2. Explore Fishkill Village: The village is full of historic buildings and it has a population of approximately 2,000 people. It is a great place to walk around and explore while admiring all the old buildings in it.

3. Visit a museum: Van Wyck Homestead Museum is housed in a Dutch Colonial Home that served as a headquarters during the Revolutionary War.

4. View 18th century folk art: The Dutch Reformed Church's graveyard is a fine example of 18th century folk art. Each gravestone is unique and exemplifies the art of that century.

5. Take time off and sail: Feel the bracing air on the water in a yacht and go sailing at the Chelsea Yacht Club. One can rent a boat or hitch hike a ride with one of the club members who may be going sailing. Everybody is very helpful at this club.