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Akron Canton Airport is located in the state of Ohio, more exactly in the city Green. The fact that Akron Canton Airport is only 10 miles away from Akron (the main city of the region) has increased its popularity significantly. Since its establishment, in 1946, Akron Canton Airport developed hugely. Now, more than 122.000 aircraft operations are being performed here on a daily basis. According to a 2005 statistic, nearly 1.5 million passengers are flying through Akron Canton Airport every year, which is three times more than 10 years earlier. This is because Akron Canton Airport serves both the Akron Canton and the Cleveland areas, so the traffic is constantly rising.

Akron Canton Airport has an excellent marketing line, which appeals to people everywhere: 'A better way to go'. No wonder, thus, than when they want to visit the beautiful attractions in the region, people choose to land on Akron Canton Airport. Among the main airlines operating at Akron Canton Airport we can recall Delta Air Lines, AirTran Airways and United Express. Akron Canton Airport provides many facilities, especially transportation options, for you to reach your destination by your preferred means of transport.

Top Attractions within Akron Canton

Akron Civic Theatre is a beautiful historical building, located in the city Akron. Besides the beautiful architectural style, you will also get the chance to admire a variety of performances, musicals, dance recitals and plays.

Akron Art Museum dates back to 1922, and since then, it has been considered the cultural core of Akron. Now, the building is highly modernized, and it includes a wide array of collections and exhibitions, even temporary ones.

Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens is one of the most impressive properties in the country, spanning on no less than 70 acres. It is also the seventh largest house in the United States, so it is obvious that it is worth seeing. This historical building was completed in 1915 and it is surrounded by spectacular gardens, that will take your breath away.

Akron Canton Car Rental
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  • National Akron Canton Reg Airport Car RentalNational Akron Canton Reg Airport - 5400 Lauby Rd Nw, North Canton, OH. 44720-1598
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