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South Padre Island is a beautiful resort you can enjoy in Cameron County, Texas, United States of America. It is located along the Texas Gulf Coast and accessible from Port Isabel. South Padre Island was named to honor one of its settlers - catholic priest Jose Nicolas Balli, called by locals Padre Balli, translated as Father Balli.

Top Attractions within South Padre Island

South Padre Island International Music Festival, also known as SPI Music Fest is an important festival held each year on the island. The event lasts for 3 days and the tradition began in 2007. It draws to South Padre Island national and international artists from various genres like country, reggae, funk, bluegrass, jazz, Latin and many more. The first edition of the event attracted to South Padre Island more than 10.000 visitors.

Sea Turtle Inc. is a beautiful attraction of South Padre Island. Especially if you are visiting South Padre Island with your kids, they will adore this place. The museum of turtles offers great guided tours and is an important educational experience.

Andy Bowie Park is located in the north of South Padre Island. This marvelous park offers visitors numerous recreational possibilities. Take long walks, admire the scenic views or simply relax in one of the most beautiful areas of the South Padre Island.

Isla Tours is something you cannot miss if you visit South Padre Island. The tours are made on boats and are great for all the family. You can watch the dolphins, admire the sunset, see the fireworks and enjoy a lovely day in this hot location. The children can also be entertained during this tours, because play areas are set for them.

Boomerang Billy's at The Surf Motel is the most impressive restaurant of South Padre Island. If you want to dine in a beautiful location, admiring the beaches and listening to the sound of the waves, choose this eatery. The menu is based on seafood, the dishes always come fast and they're delicious.

South Padre Island Car Rental
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  • Avis Sourh Padre Island Car RentalAvis Sourh Padre Island - 500 Padre Blvd, South Padre Island, TX. 78597
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