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Abingdon is a town in Washington City, Virgina with lots of interesting tourist attractions to offer you. In Abingdon, tourists will discover heritages, art crafts, entertainment facilities, but peaceful places, too. So, Abingdon gathers all the things that a tourist could want on a trip. It is located between the Middle Fork and the North Fork and has a population of about 8,191 people. Abingdon was the hometown of many notable people, so it is sure that you will find what to visit.You will surely spend an unforgettable vacation in Abingdon!

Top Attractions within Abingdon

The Martha Washington Inn is a hotel located in Abingdon, Virginia. It is a comfortable accommodation with friendly prices and people. It was built in 1812, so it is very old and this means that you will stay in a special building. Here, you will find not only hotel services, but also spa and other types of treatment, so relaxation is another feature that you will find at this inn.

Barter Theater is also located in Abigdon, Virginia and was first opened in 1933. It is a very old building that managed to be preserved even though a long time has passed since its building. On its stages acted many actors and celebrities and even when there were difficult economic periods of time, people would still come here. Now, it is your turn to spend a great evening at this theater!

Riverside Campground is a great place in Abingdon for coming with your family as here are so many things in one place, so you will not have to commute very often. This campground has 96 full hookup sites and 35 tent sites, a basketball and volleyball courts, a playing field, entertainment activities, a laundry room, a convenience store, an outdoor pool, a children's playing areas, so it has all you will need. A great time is ensured and your kids will love Abingdon very much!

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