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Things to do

Beaver Lake Fishing
This is not just fun but real fun! Go chatting with friends as you wait for a prized catch! Now that's a package deal!

Golfing at River's Edge Golf Club
18-hole breath-taking golf course..what more will you ask?

Watch a play at Thunder Bay Theatre
Northern Michigan's best professional group performs live regularly. An experience you much see!

DID YOU KNOW? That the dinosaurs featured in the book Roadside America are the very dinosaurs in their "Dinosaur Garden"? And those we're handmade replicas!
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Car or Hiking

5 Things You Must Do in Alpena

The city was incorporated in 1871 and has offices of leading heavy industry like Lafarge, Besser and others because of its large limestone quarry. Near the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary, tourism is a major industry of the city.

1. Visit the Thunder Bay National Marine Museum: Established in 2000, this 448 square meter sanctuary preserve the ship wreck of 116 ships from 19th and 20th Century. It is a great place to dive and also has a visitor's center where you can learn about the history of the ship wrecks and also watch a documentary called “Tragedies in the Mist”. 

2. Visit the Besser Museum for North East Michigan: Visit this museum located in Johnson Street to learn everything about North East Michigan; their history, art and science. It even has a recreated 19th century street of shops.

3. Take a walk: The City of Alpena Heritage River walk has been developed to show the importance of Lake Huron and Thunder Bay River to the development of Alpena's maritime industries.

4. See the Thunder Bay Island Lighthouse: located three miles, north of Alpena, this lighthouse was build around 1839 and has been upgraded many times since then. But after 1983, when it was automated, the building has been lying in ruins till concerned local citizens started to renovate and look after this beautiful tower.

5. Get close to nature in Partridge Point Wetland: This unique lagoon and barrier wetland on the banks of Lake Huron is a great place to see wetland creatures.

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