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Did you know that Bar Harbor is a famous summer colony in the Down East region of Maine?
Population: 5,235
Best Way to Travel: Car
#1 Thing to do: Atlantic Climbing School
#2 Thing to do: Mount Desert Island
#3 Thing to do: Pirate’s Cove Miniature Golf

Fun Fact:
Bar Harbor is home to the largest parts of Acadia National Park, including Cadillac Mountain which is the highest point within 25miles of the coastline of the Eastern United States.
#1 Car Rental Company: Hertz

Bar Harbor is a lovely town in the state of Maine, located in Hancock County, more exactly on Mount Desert Island. Bar Harbor was settled in 1763, and its installment followed in 1796. Since then, Bar Harbor developed a lot, and it now has a population of 5.235, according to the 2010 census. At the time of the establishment, Bar Harbor was also known as Pemetic. This name was given by the Indians who inhabited Bar Harbor at first, and in their language it meant 'range of mountains'.
The meaning comes from the fact that Bar Harbor is situated on the northeast shore of Mount Desert Island. Now, the popularity of Bar Harbor has increased significantly, especially since the tourism industry has started to develop. People visit Bar Harbor because the town offers numerous cultural, leisure and entertainment options, so it is impossible for anyone to get bored here.

Top Attractions within Bar Harbor

Acadia National Park
is a wonderful recreational facility, which will take your breath away. The park was founded in 1919, and at that time it was named Lafayette National Park. It is the first national park created east of Mississippi, and the one who first came up with the idea of a park was the architect Charles Elliot. The park offers a variety of nature features, including mountains, woodlands, lakes and an ocean shoreline. All throughout the over 47.000 acres, visitors will get the chance to witness a wide range of wildlife species.

The Abbe Museum
is the perfect place to learn more about the history, culture, traditions and heritage of the place and of the Maine people. There are many exhibitions and educational programs that tourists can enter all year round, so make sure that you do not miss seeing this great cultural institution.

The Bar Harbor Whale Museum
is, as the name suggests, dedicated to the study of whales. It is among the few facilities of the kind in America, where visitors can learn a bunch of interesting facts about these amazing creatures.
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