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Cape Girardeau Guide

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Cape Girardeau is located in between the Cape Girardeau and Scott Counties in Missouri. As part of a Metropolitan Statistical Area made out of cities in Missouri and Illinois, Cape Girardeau is a fairly large city, with a population of almost 38,000 people. The city is very popular under the nicknames of The City of Roses and Where the River Turns a Thousand Tales, due to its rose bush plantations and its history connected to the Mississippi River.

Top Attractions within Cape Girardeau

The Mississippi River Tales Mural is one of the most famous places in Cape Girardeau. The paintings are set on the Floodwall and are composed out of 24 panels. The images were created by Thomas Melvin and several local artists, as a tribute to the historical background and development of the region. The panels are: Planning a City, Lewis and Clark, Missouri Statehood, The Louisiana Purchase, The Trail of Tears, The Civil War, River Commerce, The Great Fire and so on. The Tales Mural is an interesting place to visit if you want to understand the past of Cape Girardeau and the Mississippi River area at once.

The Arena Park is the second largest park in Cape Girardeau, but it has the most comprehensive leisure facilities. There are a great number of activities that can take place here, with the benefit of many fields and equipments necessary for these. The grounds include: one hiking and biking trail, four barbecue pits, three playgrounds and ten shelters. Sports can also be played on special fields, designed for basketball, softball, baseball, volleyball, football and tennis. It is a great location for spending time with family and for taking up an active lifestyle in Cape Girardeau.

The Red House Interpretative Center offers its visitors a great tour into the past of Cape Girardeau. You will have the possibility to see memorabilia and artifacts related to Louis Lorimier's contribution to the area. Experience a walk through the past and the French Colonial style influence, that captivated and developed Cape Girardeau for so much time in history.

5 Things You Must Do in Cape Girardeau

Cape Girardeau is a city situated in Cape Girardeau County, Missouri. The city recently celebrated its 200th year of establishment. Cape Girardeau was previously, but no longer recognized, as a cape. Only a rock remains as a reminder of its early existence.

1. Bollinger Mill: This mill gives a magnificent glimpse of an era from the past. The mill was used to store grains until the mid 1940's. This four story high mill features unique construction.  

2. Lorimier Cemetery: Situated at 500 North Fountains, this cemetery was established in the year 1808. Previously, it served as a public burial ground. The well maintained surroundings and well-manicured gardens are undoubtedly worth seeing.

3. Saint Vincent's Church: This gothic and Roman style structure was built in the 15th century. 

4. Kage House: This art gallery, run by artists, was opened in the year 1974. The Kage House features glass work including expensive and delicate pieces such as stained glass, beveled glass, Christmas jewelry, and hand blown pumpkins.

5. Glenn House: This house was built in 1883. The design was cultivated by Edwin Branch Deane for his daughter. The house is named after her husband Mr. David Glenn. 

Cape Girardeau Map