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Chippewa is a beautiful county located in the state of Michigan, more exactly in the Upper Peninsula. The history of Chippewa goes back to 1826, when the county was founded. Since then, Chippewa developed hugely, and now it is home to many villages, townships and unincorporated communities. All of them together are home to 38.543 residents, according to the 2000 census. The main city in Chippewa County is Sault Ste. Marie, which is also the county seat. Chippewa has also blossomed regarding the number of tourists visiting it every year, as the county provides numerous cultural, recreational and leisure possibilities, suited for all ages and budgets.

Top Attractions within Chippewa

The Harbor Island National Wildlife Refuge is an island located in the state of Michigan, very close to Chippewa. The island was purchased in 1983 and it was set aside as a refuge, not to be missed by everyone who is in the area. Visitors can reach the island only by boat, but once they get there, they will be able to admire all of its natural beauties.

Hiawatha National Forest lies partially in Chippewa, but is spans on an impressive surface of 880.000 acres. The forest was established in 1931, and it has six designated wilderness areas: Delirium, Rock River Canyon, Big Island Lake, Horseshoe, Round Island and Mackinac. You will also find several lighthouses here, along the over 100 miles of shoreline, from which the Point Iroquois Light serves as a museum.

The Whitefish Point Bird Observatory was founded in 1978, and it has been serving as a non-profit education and research facility ever since. It is one of the largest bird observatories in the country, as visitors can admire here more than 300 bird species. The observatory was even designated as an Internationally Important Bird Area, so it is obvious that this attraction should not be missed, especially if you are passionate about birds.

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