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Clarksburg Car Rental Comparison

Clarksburg is located in the Harrison County of West Virginia. As the county seat and the center city of the Clarksburg Metropolitan Statistical Area, Clarksburg has a population of over 16,500 inhabitants. The city was established in 1785.

Top Attractions within Clarksburg

The Oak Mounds are located just outside of Clarksburg. They represent an earthwork mound of prehistoric origin. People come here to visit this interesting and unusual earth formation, which is part of the local landmarks and cultural points of the region. The marker sign on the location is very famous for the errors contained by the text.

The Waldomore is a local historical landmark of Clarksburg. It is famous for its architectural beauty and luxurious sites and was listed in 1978 on the National Register of Historic Places. It was built in 1839 and resided by Waldo P. Goff. The Goff family left a massive heritage of art works and personal items of great historical and cultural value. The mansion and the afferent estate can be visited as a local museum of memorabilia items and for its splendid American mansion architectural designs.

The Edgewood Manor is another famous estate in Clarksburg, opened to visitations by the public. This mansion was built in 1914, by the architect Steven Warder Ford. The estate grounds around the house feature a wide variety of species of trees, dating from the times of the construction. The old oaks, pines and chestnuts give the place a feeling of historicity, making this a great location for outdoor events and parties. The Edgewood Manor belonged to the Moores, a rich and respected family in the region.

The Italian Heritage Festival is held every year in Clarksburg, during the Labor Day weekend, since 1979. It is a celebration of the Italian culture influence of the area and it features a wide range of entertainment means, that take place on three of the central streets of Clarksburg. People participating will enjoy all sorts of Italian based activities and leisure means, concerts and food. It is the perfect time to have fun with the entire family.

Clarksburg Map