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Cortez is located in the Montezuma County, in the State of Colorado. As a county seat and a Home Rule Municipality, Cortez is the most populated city in the region, numbering approximatively 8,500 inhabitants. There are many interesting things for tourists to see and do in the city of Cortez and in the surrounding areas, mostly revolving around Native heritage and culture.

Top Attractions within Cortez

The Anasazi Heritage Center is the main displayer of cultural heritage artifacts in Cortez. It refers to the Ancestral Puebloan and other Native cultures in the Cortez region. Thus, the collections and exhibitions to be seen here revolve around national and native history, archeology and cultural values. The museum offers educational programs and workshops, a nature trail with picnic areas and a souvenir shop. Guided tours and school trips can be booked in advance and organized here, as well as other educational programs.

The McPhee Recreation Complex is designed to offer leisure facilities and activities for people living or visiting in Cortez. There is a Campground on site, which hosts fishing, boating and skiing events. Other activities to be organized here are: hiking, wildlife viewing, bird watching and many more. In order to take advantage of the services at the McPhee Recreational Complex in Cortez or to organize a camp, you must book all the necessary rooms and facilities in advance.

The Mesa Verde, located near Cortez, is one of the most famous attractions and camp sites in the region. For a true experience, you can book your accommodation in one of the unique venues, like the Far View Lodge and the Morefield Campground, and take your meals in one of the special restaurants on site. Activities available in Mesa Verde include: hiking, walking trails, viewing exhibitions of Native artifacts, shopping for souvenirs, taking one of the two designated tours (the 700 Years Tour or the Classic Pueblo Tour). The Mesa Verde Camp Site has archaeological sites, houses and palaces, the United Nations World Heritage, all opened for the exploration and to the delight of its visitors.

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