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Eagle County Car Rental Comparison

Eagle County takes its name from the Eagle River, was founded in 1883 and it is located in the State of Colorado. Eagle County is part of the Edwards Micropolitan Statistical Area, with Lake County, which shows that these two are particularly smaller counties. The population of the Eagle County reaches over 41,500 inhabitants.

Top Attractions within Eagle County

The Sylvan Lake State Park
is the most important park and reservation in the Eagle County. Visitors may come to admire amazing natural landscapes and special habitats, see species of wildlife and plants that are representative for this area and many more. The Sylvan Lake Park was founded in 1987 and it is governed by the Colorado State Parks.

The Frying Pan River and the Ruedi Reservoir
are located in Basalt, one of the major cities in the Eagle County. This particular community is very famous for its fishing and water sports facilities. The Frying Pan River is one of the largest trout locations, where professional and amateur fishermen come to travel and fish. The Ruedi Reservoir can be visited as either a natural habitat or wildlife observatory or as a place to take up many water based sports and other outdoor activities.

The Red Cliff Skiing Resort
is actually one of the small towns in the Eagle County. People usually come here during the winter, as there are numerous winter sports opportunities here. The slopes are always filled with snow and there are many establishments that sell and rent professional equipment for all winter sports, at costs that are suitable to any budgets. In addition to these, many hotels, spas and wellness facilities have resided in Red Cliff, attracting more and more tourists every year to the Eagle County.

The Vail Valley Music Festival
is one of the many celebrations of arts in Vail, one of the cities in Eagle County. During this particular event, numerous concerts of live music take place all over the city. Bands and artists from the nearby region and from across the State come to perform here to the delight of the residents and visitors. The festival mainly focuses on music, but it also has many other activities and secondary events.
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