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Did you know that in 1991, Ellington was proposed as a potential site for a low level nuclear waste dump?

Best Way to Travel: Train, Car
#1 Thing to do: Connecticut Parachutists Inc.
#2 Thing to do: Rolling Meadows Country Club
#3 Thing to do: Ellington Ridge Country Club

Fun Fact:
Ellington is home to one of America’s oldest roadside memorials.
#1 Car Rental Company: Enterprise

Ellington was incorporated in May, 1786, with parts of East Windsor and now it is a town of 12.000 people and a 34 square miles area, in Tolland County, Connecticut, in the United States of America. Ellington has four major neighborhoods - Crystal Lake, Ellington Center, Sadd's Mill and Windermere. You can reach Ellington through three airports - Ellington Airport, Skylark Airpark and Bradley International Airport. Ellington has a short list of influential people that are representative for the town - Faisal Alam, founder of Al Fatiha Foundation for muslims, John H. Brockway, a U.S. representative, politician Orlow W. Chapman and artist Echo Chernik. Ellington has some very interesting attractions, so if you decide to visit it, do not miss them.

Top Attractions withon Ellington

Connecticut Parachutist Inc.
is the perfect place where you can have an exciting experience. At this Ellington attraction you can jump out of an airplane, of course, not before a short training to make sure everyone will be safe. You can take the jump with a group or in tandem. This will surely be one of the most fascinating experiences you have ever lived.

Rolling Meadows Country Club
is gorgeously built on a plateau and from the top you can see Ellington in all its splendor. This golf course is amazing not only because of the wonderful golf experience it provides, but also thanks to the views from the top. If you are not a fan of golfing or you do not know how to play, you can still spend quality time here, playing mini golf or just enjoy the fresh air and the landscape.

Ellington Historical Society Museum
is the official history museum of the town and is a great testimony of life in the early stages of the city. You can admire memorabilia and vintage photographs and take guided tours to find out more about the city.
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