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Explore Arkansas with a Car Rental in Fayetteville

Fayetteville is located in the Washington County, in the State of Arkansas. As the county seat, Fayetteville is part of a major community, which forms a metropolitan area, with the cities of Springdale and Rogers. Originally named Washington, Fayetteville got its new name in 1829 and was incorporated in 1867.

Top Attractions within Fayetteville

The University of Arkansas Campus Historic District has a double role - that of an educational facility and of a touristic attraction - at the same time. The campus includes numerous old buildings and establishments that have had a major contribution to the development of the educational field over the years. Some of the most important buildings to be found here are: the Old Main, the Ella Carnall Hall, the Chi Omega Theater, the Gibson Hall, the Fine Arts Center, various frat and sorority houses and so on. Many of these function as University buildings, but some of them have developed other purposes as well, related to arts, culture, history and sports.

The Fayetteville Historic Square is another place you may like to visit. The historic square is the center of the old Fayetteville town district and it includes several landmarks and old buildings. Here you can admire the Old Post Office, the Lewis Brothers Building, the Guisinger Building, the Old Bank of Fayetteville Building and the Mrs. Young Building. These establishments will charm you with their old-fashioned features and amazing architectural styles.

The Walton Arts Center is the largest provider of cultural means in Fayetteville and its surroundings. The building is a large construction, which was developed between 1990 and 1992. All sorts of performances and shows take place here, as well as exhibitions and workshops related to art. The facilities featured at the Walton Arts Center are: the Bradbury Amphitheater, the Rose Garden, the Baum Walker Hall, the Nadine Baum Studios and the Starr Theater. There are also two lobby spaces, the Cynthia H. Coughlin Gallery Lobby and the Pace Balcony Lobby, that can be rented out for dinners, parties, weddings and corporate meetings.

Top 5 Things to do in Fayetteville

Known as an academic town, Ozark Mountains in Arkansas is home to the University of Arkansas and was the first home of Bill and Hillary Clinton after they were first married. Fayetteville has plenty of activities for its locals and visitors to indulge in.

1. Visit a farmers market: One can go down to the main square from April until November to the farmers market and shop around for farm fresh fruit and vegetables. This is a real treat for those who prefer to buy their groceries from places that sell fresh produce and not from supermarkets.

2. Spend a night on the town: Dickson Street has bars, disco, restaurants and music in the air. When the sun goes down, this street comes to life and it is a favorite hangout for the students at the nearby Arkansas University.

3. Visit the first house Bill and Hillary Clinton lived in: The house in which Bill and Hillary Clinton lived in after they got married in Fayetteville has now been turned into the Clinton Museum and is worth a visit.

4. For a soothing spa bath: The Eureka Springs are close to Fayetteville and should one want to sooth their nerves with a relaxing massage and mineral bath, then a visit to these springs is worthwhile.

5. Boston Mountains Scenic Loop: A drive on this road is like driving on an amusement park ride as it winds its way around creeks, coves and valleys. The topography along the way through the Ozark Mountains in all seasons is refreshing.  

Fayetteville Map