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Iron Mountain Car Rental Comparison

Iron Mountain is an amazing city in the state of Michigan, United States, located more exactly in Dickinson County and being its county seat at the same time. The history of Iron Mountain began in 1879, when the land on which the old Chapin Mine was formed was discovered by two men. Since then, Iron Mountain knew a thorough development, especially due to the fact that it is home of the largest-steam-driven pumping engine in the country. Now, there are 8.154 people living in Iron Mountain, according to the 2010 census, making it the main city of the Mi-Wi Micropolitan Area. The tourism industry is blossoming in Iron Mountain, as well, because more and more people are choosing this city as their holiday destination.

Top Attractions within Iron Mountain

The Pine Mountain Ski Jump is a famous resort located near Iron Mountain, as it is one of the highest artificially created ski jumps in the world. The FIS Ski Jumping Continental Cup competition is held here every year, so it is obvious how great this jumping hill is. If you come here in the wintertime, you will surely be very pleased by it.

The Chapin Mine Pumping Engine, also known as Cornish Pump, is one of the main attractions of Iron Mountain. This giant pumping facility was designated as a National Historic Mechanical Engineering Monument in 1987 and was featured as one of the World's Biggest Machines by History Channel. Now, this monument became a museum, where you can also get the chance to see a wide range of artifacts.

Timberstone Golf Course is a golfing facility which will please the heart of every player, no matter the skills or training level. The venue features a 18-hole regulation length golf course, which will offer you exciting and challenging golfing experiences. Those who do not want to play can enjoy its other amenities or admire the beautiful sights of Iron Mountain.

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