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Kenai Car Rental Comparison

Kenai is a city in the Kenai Peninsula in the US state of Alaska, with a population of 7.464 residents, according to the 2005 census. The city of Kenai takes its name after an ancient word, meaning flat meadow. Archaeological evidence shows that Kenai existed since 1000 BC and was occupied by the Kachemak people. In the 1900s, the first shipping companies were established in Kenai and they broadened the city into a port. Although it is a small city, Kenai has a lot of great attractions to offer its tourists in and around the city. With a wide range of accommodation, venues and attractions, Kenai is an ideal holiday destination.

Top Attractions Within Kenai

Kenai Russian River is a great experience that must not be missed should you be in the surrounding area. The Russian River is also home to more than 50 grizzly bears, who are just fishing for salmon. For those passionate about nature, there is also a campground, where you can spend the night in the tent, in the heart of nature. There are also many hiking trails that go up top the top of the hills, where you can enjoy a beautiful landscape and the wonderful lake.

Miller Landing, Kenai is the hub of water sports activities in the area. There is a campground, a store, kayak rentals, water taxi service and fishing charters. There are plenty of activities that you can do while you enjoy your staying here, such as camping, barbecuing, fishing and boating. Moreover, you can take a tour of the lake and the captain of the ship will show you around. You will surely have a wonderful time here, enjoying the fresh air and the great scenery.

Kenai, Crescent Lake is a tedious ride up and exhilarating rush down, with an occasional hairpin turn to stall your pace either way. The trail begins as steep and steady, a smooth organic cushioned trail in a windless forest. The trail follows the course of the river, with a scenic bridge that crosses the river to begin another steep ascent until high above the river. It is a wonderful hiking trail that must not be missed.

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