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Kerrville is a city located within Kerr County, Texas, United States of America. Kerrville was settled along the Guadalupe River in the late 19th century. The name of the city was given by founder Joshua Brown in honor of a friend of his, named James Kerr. Although the city was founded so late, evidence shows that the area of Kerrville was occupied since 10.000 years ago. In more recent days, a series of famous people lived, or still live, in beautiful Kerrville – model Alexandra Underwood, actor Thomas Hayden Church, The Father of Country Music Kimmie Rodgers, artist Ace Reid and author Lou Halsell Rodenberger. If you plan to visit Texas, Kerrville should definitely be on your list, together with its great attractions.

Top 5 Things to Do in Kerrville

Kerrville is a city in Kerr County, and got its name from a famous major of the Texas revolution named James Kerr. Popular for its nearby summer camps and river parks, the city hosts some exciting annual festivals for the tourists.

1. Visit the Schreiner University: Annually enrolling approximately 1,000 graduate and undergraduate students, the university is a privately owned Liberal Arts institute. The university was established in 1923 and in 1932, it started a co-education system. This is a very good place to visit, if tourists want to explore the youth culture of the city. 

2. Take part in the Kerrville Folk Festival: This is one of the biggest festivals that continues for almost 18 days in the city. The festival is organized annually and is also known as the music festival. The entire city takes part in the festival and strong importance is given to songwriting.

3. Go to the Mooney Airplane Company: This Company has been a leader in the field of civil aviation and is the place where single engine aircrafts are manufactured. Over here, the tourists can get an insight view of the different aircrafts that are manufactured by the company.

4. Enjoy at the Riverside Nature Center: This is a wildlife sanctuary located at the banks of the Guadalupe River. The gardens of the center are always open for the public with wide plantation and greenery.

5. Spend sometime at the Texas Lions Camp: This is a camp that is located in almost an area of 500 acres and is mostly for the kids with some kind of physical disability.

Top Attractions within Kerrville

Museum of Western Art is a painting and sculpture museum dedicated to West American artists. The works of art are mostly focused on cowboys, ranchers, mountain men and women of the west. Current artists that have been introduced to public have strong influences from great American artists like W. Herbert Dunton, BertGeer Phillips, Frederic Remington and Charles M. Russell. The motto of the museum is Where the Legend Lives Forever

Riverside Nature Center is an arboretum located within Kerrville. Wildlife and native plants can be admired inside the limits of this beautiful attraction of the city. The center opened in 1992 thanks to Susan Sander and in present it hosts over 320 plant species. 

Kerrville Folk Festival is an 18 days festival celebrating folk music from the area of Kerrville and Kerr County. The huge party is held each year in Kerrville either in late spring or in early summer, The venue is Quiet Valley Ranch. The Kerrville Folk Festival is a tradition since 1972 and attracts close to 50,000 people each year thanks to the great music it promotes.

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