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Laramie is a city in and also the county seat of Albany County, Wyoming, United States. With a population of about 30,800 inhabitants, Laramie has developed very much over the years and today is a nice place to visit and to spend a weekend or a holiday. Laramie is also home to many schools, institutes, so culture is also very important for this community.

Top Attractions within Laramie

The Geological Museum is part of the University of Wyoming and includes more than 50,000 mineral, fossil and rock specimens, as well as a dinosaur exhibit. The museum also showcases many gallery exhibits and hosts many public tours, classes and lectures, promoting its value and preserving all the important exhibits for the next generations that will be in Laramie.

The Fine Arts Concert Hall is included in the campus of the university, in Laramie and houses many recitals and concerts. It is a real delight to participate in something like that and to also know the community better.

The Wyoming Children's Museum and Nature Center is located in Laramie, proving many interesting and funny interactive exhibits that will catch the eyes of the little ones. The museum also organizes pottery lessons, so it entwines nice and fun things with educational activities, which are very important for enriching the knowledge of children. This museum is a must when you are in Laramie, as your kids will spend a great time here and will also have the possibility to socialize with other kids that visit Laramie.

Laramie Jubilee Days is an event taking place in Laramie and started to be celebrated in 1940. The event is also known as Laramie's Hometown Celebration and today provides many events, some of them being kept over the years and being transmitted from generation to generation. Here, participants will encounter food, a street fair, parades, softball tournaments, rodeo events, live music, carnival rides, as well as many games, so everyone will have fun and will find something to do or to buy as the variety is impressive.

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