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Compare and Book a Reliable Car Rental in Lemoore

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Lemoore, California is a city of just under 25 thousand Americans, located in the San Joaquin Valley, just west of Hanford. It is a 30-40 minute drive south from metropolitan Fresno to Lemoore.

We can show you all of the rental cars available from Hertz in Lemoore, as well as cars, trucks, and vans that you can rent in nearby locations, such as Hanford and Selma.

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More info about Lemoore, California

Lemoore is a beautiful city located in California. Lemoore has an area of 8.517 square miles and had a population of more than 24,800 residents in 2012. Lemoore is well known as the home of the James Oliveira Cinematography District, established in the city since the 1990s. The city is also a popular tourist destination for visitors who plan on spending a relaxing time, due to the many recreational spots that can be enjoyed in this area. 

Top Attractions in Lemoore

Once you've picked up your cheap car rental, why not drive it to one of Lemoore's cool attractions? You could drive over to the Sarah A. Mooney Memorial Museum – it's a Victorian house museum that dates back to 1893. It's decorated with authentic Victorian pieces.

The Tachi Palace Hotel & Casino on the Santa Rosa Rancheria in Lemoore is another popular destination for travelers and tourists. The casino is also the site of events held by the MMA (mixed martial arts) group, Tachi Palace Fights. Check out the hard-hitting action, or just drive your rental vehicle over to the casino whenever you want to place a be.

The City Park is a beautiful place to include in your routine while in Lemoore, for a relaxing walk or a lovely outdoor activity. While enjoying a walk in this natural spot, you will be able to admire some lovely views. This is a great place to have a picnic and spend a lovely afternoon with the whole family. The Heritage Park is another beautiful park of the city, worth a visit when you're in Lemoore.

Boba Island is a lovely place to eat in, anytime you're in Lemoore. Both the food and the beverages are delicious, while the service that can be enjoyed in this location are the highest quality in the whole area. The restaurant is located in the proximity of the movie theater.

Reyna's Restaurant is the place you want to go to taste delicious Mexican food. Everything is outstanding in this location, so there is really no way you'll be disappointed after a visit here.

5 Things to do in Lemoore

Lemoore, California is located in Kings County. The population of Lemoore is around 24,000 and notable residents of Lemoore include well known wrestler Lorenzo Neal, Rock music sensation Steve Perry and sprinter Tommie Smith.

1. The Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino: Rated as the busiest hotel in Lemoore, you can stay at the Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino. It has spacious and comfortable guest rooms, queen beds, access to high speed Internet and in-room dining. The Palace is at 17225 Jersey Avenue.

2. South-Central Lemoore in California: The heart of the city lies at a distance of about 48 kilometers in the San Joaquin Valley. The market place reflects the city's warmth and offers dairy goods, fruit, poultry and crops grown at the market gardens. Get to the Lemoore market place with a great rental car.

3. Lemoore Naval Air Station: The Naval Air Station at Lemoore is located adjacent to the Kings River. This US Army base is known for its latest master jet air station. NAS at Lemoore also plays a host to the Carrier Air Wings.

4. The California Golf Courses: One of the notable tourist destinations in California with many award-winning golf courses. The Lemoore Municipal Golf Course, the Lakeview Golf Course and the Kings Country Club at Kings Course are the golf course most visited.

5. The Lemoore Raceway: Lemoore Raceway is situated on Highway Number 41. This is located at the Southeast corner of the town. Oval tracks with wide corners are spread over a clay surface.

From the raceway to the Naval base, Lemoore is jam packed full of great things to do and see. Get to them all with a cheap Lemoore car rental and save lots of money while you're at it.

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