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Lewistown is a lovely borough in the United States, located more exactly within the state of Pennsylvania, in the Mifflin County. The history of Lewistown goes back to 1790, when the area was settled. Later on, Lewistown became incorporated in 1795 and has developed hugely ever since. According to the 2010 census, Lewistown has a total population of 8,338 residents and spans on a total area of 2.0 square miles (5.2 sq km). Lewistown is still in the process of rebuilding after the hurricane from 1972, becoming more charming by the day. The borough even received the prestigious All-American City award, so a visit to Lewistown is definitely worth it.

Top Attractions within Lewistown

The Montgomery Ward Building is one of the most important landmarks in Lewistown. This historic department store building dates back to 1929 and was built in the Art Deco architectural style. The building is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places as of 1984.

The Mifflin County House and Monument Square are two impressive monuments in Lewistown that you could visit. They make proof of the borough's culture and history, as well as other historic buildings such as the Embassy Movie Theater, Lewistown Hotel, McCoy House, Old Arch Bridge, and McCoy House.

The Waterfront Tavern is a terrific restaurant in Lewistown where you can experience authentic American cuisine. The menu is diverse and features numerous choices that will satisfy every tastebud, including steaks, sandwiches, seafood and pasta. Regardless of what you order, you will definitely be pleased with the exceptional food.

China Garden Buffet is another great restaurant in Lewistown you could try, especially if you are in the mood for Chinese cuisine. This typical Chinese Buffet restaurant serves freshly prepared food, which is very tasty and flavorful. The staff is friendly, the service is excellent and the atmosphere is great, so you will definitely have a delightful dining experience when coming here.

Five Things to Do in Lewistown

Lewistown is an interesting city located in Pennsylvania. The total population of the city is more than 9,000 persons. However in the surrounding areas the total population is more than 30,000.

#1 Embassy Theatre
The theatre is a motion picture theatre and is a great example of architectural beauty from years long past. At present the theatre is not in operation as there is renovation work going on. The architectural design of the building is one of the most impressive examples of the style of the time. 

#2 The McCoy House
It's a museum in Lewistown that houses a collection of memorabilia with rooms depicting life during the Victorian times. The museum gives a great example of the architectural beauty evident in the area during the post revolutionary period. 

#3 The Mifflin Courthouse
It's another important example of historical importance. It has played an important role in the industrial history of Pennsylvania. It was considered the center of transportation in the region. 

#4 Montgomery Ward Building
It's of historical importance in Lewistown. It houses a museum that gives you a view of the region's past during the 18th century.

#5 The Technical and Historical Museum
It's another place of tourist importance in the region. It houses some of the best replicas of technology used during those times. It shows how the people of that era adapted to their changing times. 

Lewistown Map