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Liberal is located in the Kansas State, United States of America. As the most important city in the area, Liberal is the seat of the Seward County. The city of Liberal was founded in 1888 and was incorporated at the same time. Liberal has a growing population, which reaches approximately 20.525 inhabitants.

Top Attractions within Liberal

The Adventure Bay is a famous location in Liberal. The park has been designed in the idea of creating a land and water space, in which people of all ages, but mostly children, can have a lot of fun moments. It is the perfect place in the city for those visiting during their summer vacation, as it can bring a lot of activities based on water, which will help you cool off from the heat, while still being active.

The Mid-America Air Museum comes as one of the places that you have to visit during your stay in Liberal. It is the place in which massive collections of air related items have been gathered. The interior hall of the museum is the one holding smaller artifacts in the form of models and prototypes of the aircrafts presented and other related documents and machines. The outside portion of the museum includes real aircrafts and a variety of flight devices, which have been used in the region for years.

The Coronado Museum provides people in Liberal with more knowledge on the Native Americans who have inhabited the region. The collections of the museum are filled with artifacts from various periods, all related to the lifestyle of the Natives. Other collections of the museum are the one based on the 1541 expedition of Francisco Vasquez de Coronado and on farming and ranching traditions in the region.

Pancake Day is one of the most important traditional events that takes place in Liberal every year. It is based on the famous pancake race and on the other related activities. During the event, the community here is actually competing for the best time in the pancake race with the community of the town of Olney in England.

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