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Los Alamos is located in the State of New Mexico, in the United States of America. As one of the major townsites and census-designated places of the area, Los Alamos is part of the County with the same name, for which it also plays the role of the country seat. There are numerous attractions and events to be seen and to be attended in Los Alamos. The population in Los Alamos reaches approximately 12,020 inhabitants.

Top Attractions within Los Alamos

The Ashley Pond is the most beautiful natural space in the town of Los Alamos. It is suitable for family outings and for having outdoor fun with your friends during vacations and weekends of the warmer seasons. Many people come here to have great picnics, to play sports or simply to admire the beauties of the natural grounds around the pond.

The Bradbury Science Museum offers visitors in Los Alamos a variety of unique artifacts in collections on display. The museum was established in 1954 and it is the most valuable scientific collection of the region. Some of the most interesting artifacts presented in the museum are the documents and the products of the World War II Manhattan Project and the models of the two atomic bombs, Little Boy and Fat Man.

The Bandelier National Museum is located in the nearby area of Los Alamos. It was established in the area after the discovery of the Ancestral Pueblo People homes. The site is named after the Swiss anthropologist Adolph Bandelier, who studied the cultures and the population in the region. The park became a National Monument in 1916 and it is visited by numerous tourists each year.

The Pajarito Environmental Education Center is the place in Los Alamos in which the entire family or group can benefit from age appropriate classes on the preservation and on the respect of the natural environment. There are many activities created by the center for those interested, focusing on studying nature and all its features. You can go on adventure trails, bird watching groups, garden workshops and many more interesting activities according to your likings.

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