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Did you know that
most of the schools and the Municipal Building in Maplewood were designed by Guilbert & Betelle?

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#1 Thing to do: Maplewood Country Club
#2 Thing to do: Burgdorff Cultural Center
#3 Thing to do: 1978 Maplewood Arts Center

Fun Fact:
Guilbert & Betelle was an architectural firm, which emphasizes the “Collegiate Gothic” style, formed as partnership of Ernest F. Guilbert and James Oscar Betelle. The firm designed schools like the Greenwich High School in Greenwich, Connecticut and the Radburn School in Fair Lawn, New Jersey which are both are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
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Maplewood is a township located in Essex County, in the American state of New Jersey. In present, Maplewood has a population of 24.000 residents and an area of 3.8 square miles. Before the area was occupied by Europeans, this was the home of the Lenape tribes. The city was incorporated on April 1st, 1861 as South Orange Township and was renamed Maplewood on November 7th 1922. Famous current and former residents of Maplewood include author Harriet Adams, actor George Constanza, actor Zach Braff, and historian Richard Wollin. Maplewood is a really beautiful city and if you would like to visit it, you should not miss some of its most important attractions.

Top Attractions within Maplewood

Burgdorff Center for Performing Arts
is a venue for theatrical performances. Most of the the plays are put together by local artists. They offer a wide array of plays - classics, musicals and originals. The center is also offering theater lessons for the kids and supports the arts communities of Maplewood and Essex County.

Maplewood Golf Club
is a great club with the most important golf course in the area. The course is located in Maplewood, in the middle of the nature, offering players and visitors great city views. This is also the place where the wooden golf tee was invented by William Lowell. This event happened in 1921 and is marked within the club through a plaque in honor of the inventor.

is an annual event that celebrates the 4th of July. The concert is held each year in the weekend that falls most close to this important American anniversary. The event consists of a concert offered by the city of Maplewood for all the locals and tourists for free. Local and national bands perform each year in town to celebrate the 4th of July.
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