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Did you know that Middlesboro is home to the Middlesboro Country Club?

Population: 10,384
Best Way To Travel: Car
#1 Thing To do: Cumberland Gap National Historical Park
#2 Thing To do: Aladdin’s Castle
#3 Thing To do: The Lost Squadron

Fun Fact: The Middlesboro Country Club was founded in 1889 making it one of the oldest golf courses in the United States.
#1 Car Rental Company: Enterprise

Middlesboro is a city located in Bell County, Kentucky, United States of America. Middlesboro is relatively small, with a population of 10.000 people and an area of almost 8 square miles. The city was incorporated in 1890, initially named Middlesborough, after Middlesbrough - now named North Yorkshire, England. Since 1894, the city is called Middlesboro, but even nowadays, both spellings are used for the name of the city. The city has some important residents like actor Lee Majors, actress Susan Kingsley, pianist Van Piano Man Walls, author William McElwee Miller, country singer Ben Harney and musician Georgia Turner. If you want to pay a visit to Middlesboro, there are some attractions not to be missed.

Top Attractions within Middlesboro

Reverend John Calvin Colson House is located within Middlesboro and was built in the early 1800s by a certain Mr. Hunter. This was the second house raised in Middlesboro and is now the oldest standing. The bricks of which the house is built are made of local clay. The house is named in memory of preacher John Calvin Colson, who was also a lawyer, a doctor, a farmer, a miller and a merchant. The house can be visited and guided yours are available.

Cumberland Gap National Park was established on June 11, 1940 and is a historical park located in the Appalachian Mountains. A part of the park is included in Middlesboro, the whole area having 20.000 acres. Each year, the Middlesboro part of the park attracts around 500.000 tourists.

Middlesboro Historical Museum is an important attraction of the town. The museum has great collections consisting of clothing and tools of the early settlers of the town. Also, among the exhibitions available at this museum is one of memorabilia of the first locals of Middlesboro and the first photos taken in town.

Middlesboro Map