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Discover this city and compare the cheapest car rental in Middletown.. Did you know that the land on which the present day Middleton sets was originally owned by a Revolutionary War veteran Jacob Myers?

Population: 5,744
Best Way To Travel: Car
#1 Thing To do: B J’s Pool Hall
#2 Thing To do: Cane Ridge Meeting House
#3 Thing To do: Lake Carnico

Fun Fact: The first ever map of the town was prepared by a man named William White.
#1 Car Rental Company: Avis

Middletown is located in the Jefferson County, in the State of Kentucky. As a major city, Middletown has a population of approximately 7,220 inhabitants. The city of Middletown was chartered in 1797. Middletown is a part of the Louisville Metropolitan Statistical Area. The historic district is one of the key points for visitors in the city, as it includes numerous facilities and establishments that have kept their old-fashioned touch and charm.

Top Attractions within Middletown

The Middletown War Memorial is dedicated to those who participated in the events during World War II. It was built by the Civic Club to honor lost soldiers and heroes. The War Memorial can now be seen in the Wetherby House Park, where it was moved so that it has a better visibility and a more easy access for visitors.

The Wetherby House is a major estate in Middletown and one of the most beautiful houses here. The mansion was built in 1796 and it includes 23 rooms. Over the course of the years, the Wetherby House has had many functions. It started out as a hotel, then it was a private home, a base for the strawberry plantations and so on. Today, the house functions as the City Hall.

The Historic Gas Station of Middletown is an old-fashioned station and pump which you can visit here. Although small, the gas station attracts numerous visitors every year, as it is one of the most famous spots in the city. You may come here to admire the classical style of gas stations and pumps, that are so rare to see in any other part of the state nowadays.

The Head House and Tiffany Cellar Cafe is perfect for leisure moments in Middletown. You may come to this venue to admire the lovely outdoor architectural style and have a recreational experience inside. The cafe is set in an old-fashioned style and decorum, which will surely charm any visitor. It is set in the basement of the building and it provides the perfect setting for a romantic date. The Head House is a provider of antiques and unique souvenirs.

Middletown Map