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North Bend Car Rental Comparison

North Bend is located in the Coos County, in the State of Oregon. The population in North Bend reaches approximately 9,700 inhabitants. The city of North Bend is surrounded partially by the Coos Bay, which is an estuary and inlet of the Coos River. The incorporation of North Bend took place in 1903.

Top Attractions within North Bend

The Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area is located near North Bend. This is one of the largest beaches and leisure spaces available here, featuring all the most comprehensive amenities. The National Recreational Area is part of the Siuslaw National Forest and was established in 1972. The Oregon Dunes are great to admire, as they create a very serene landscape image. The region provides many opportunities for visitors to have fun here. For example, you can indulge in some off-road driving experiences, hiking, fishing, canoeing, boating, horseback riding, camping and so on.

The North Bend Boat Ramp and Pier is perfect for promenades and for starting a lovely boat ride in the Coos Bay. You can rent the necessary equipment from the pier, in terms of boats and fishing tools. If you are more of a land appreciator, rather than a water sports passionate, you will enjoy the beautiful sights that can be admired from the pier. These amenities have been constructed recently, in order to meet the requirements instated by the local urban renewal policy.

The Pony Village Mall in North Bend is the favorite shopping venue on the Oregon Coast, due to the fact that it is the largest here and that it incorporates numerous department stores and retail shops suitable for all tastes, ages and budgets. The mall is also the occasional host of several events dedicated to marketing local products, to activities for children, to fairs of arts and crafts and so on.

The Mill Casino is one of the recreational facilities in North Bend that you will surely appreciate. This is actually a multi-purpose venue, which offers services for accommodation and lodging, casino and gaming, restaurant and bar means. Thus, you can have a complete holiday package only at the Mill Casino.

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