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Pemberton is located in the Burlington County, in the State of New Jersey. Even though it is a borough, Pemberton has a rather small community, which only numbers around 1,210 inhabitants. The borough of Pemberton, formerly known as New Mills, was incorporated in 1826 in two nearby townships. In 1894, Pemberton became an independent borough.

Top Attractions within Pemberton

The Pemberton Public Library is the place where you will have access to all the most important reading materials for your vacation here. The wide book fund is carefully divided into many categories, according to the genre of the lecture and to the age of the reader. The library can be the perfect location for picking up your favorite books or for doing some mandatory research.

The Nesbit Kids Clubhouse in Pemberton is the perfect place where you can enroll your children. You will provide them with a way to have fun and activities suitable for their age, while the adults of your group can visit various locations that might not be of interest to the little ones. The clubhouse is open for children of all ages who are still in school. The programs offered include: games, dance classes, arts and crafts workshops and other suitable activities, which will surely be appreciated by the children.

The Pemberton Lake and Wildlife Management Area is one of the natural reservations that you might like to admire near the borough. This extensive park was formed around the grounds of the lake. People can take up water based activities and sports on the surface of the lake. For those more interested in natural elements, the area around the lake will provide a lot of beautiful landscapes to admire and occasional wildlife species encounters.

On Target Paintball provides long hours of fun experiences for people coming to Pemberton. Playing paintball here can be suitable for a variety of groups. For example, you can try paintball with your friends or family members. You may also like to use this facility in order to plan an active, relaxing and fun team building experience.

Pemberton Map