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Pendleton is located in the Umatilla County, in the State of Oregon. As the county seat, Pendleton has a growing population which numbers approximately 16,615 inhabitants. With the city of Hermiston, Pendleton forms a Micropolitan Statistical Area. Pendleton was incorporated in 1880.

Top Attraction within Pendleton

The Pendleton Round-Up was first opened in 1910. It is the place of the annual rodeo shows in the city and a major attraction for tourists everywhere. As opposed to the Latin types of rodeos, this particular one features numbers with cowboys, horses and calves, which makes it more appealing to those that are pacifists and are vehemently against animal cruelty. The events that usually take place at the Round-Up feature roping, riding, races and milking.

The Pendleton Christmas Carriage Parade is the largest winter celebration in the region. The parade is made out of a large number of costumed participants and all sorts of carriages. The spirit of Christmas is always brought to the community through this parade, which also makes all the present visitors feel like they are part of a loving wonderful place. The parade takes place every year, since 2007, in the first Saturday of December.

The Pendleton Centre for the Arts provides a wide range of art performances and exhibitions for those interested in various cultural domains. The center is located in a beautiful building, which was constructed in 1916 in the Italian Renaissance Revival architectural style. The East Oregonian Gallery inside is the one that tends to the proper exposure of local artists with emerging talents, offering them a chance to make a name for themselves. Live performances of all kinds are hosted in the Pearson Auditorium, which can seat 110 people. The centre also has its own foundation, the Trust Fine Craft Gallery, which supports young talents.

The Umatilla Indian Reservation can be accessed near Pendleton. You will have the opportunity to admire great vestiges that have remained intact from the Native American tribes. Learning more about these can be a great chance to expand your cultural general knowledge and to appreciate the values of these tribes more.

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