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Did you know that Ponca City is the largest city in Kay County, Oklahoma?

Best Way To Travel: Car
#1 Thing To do: Marland Estate
#2 Thing To do: Marland’s Grand Home
#3 Thing To do: Conoco Museum

Fun Fact:
Ponca City was named after the Ponca Tribe who were the first settlers of the area.
#1 Car Rental Company: Enterprise, Hertz

Ponca City is a wonderful, although small, city located in Oklahoma, United States. The city is situated in both Osage and Kay counties, having an area of 19.3 square miles. Ponca City has a population of 25,389 residents, as the 2010 census indicated, becoming the largest city in Kay County. Ponca City was settled in 1893 and named after the Ponca Tribe. The city was incorporated in 1899. Ponca City is a great place to visit, the city having a rich history and many heritage places, but also numerous recreational spots to meet the needs of all visitors.

Top Attractions within Ponca City

Las Americans Mexican Restaurant
is a lovely place to eat great food. The restaurant is perfect for children, too. The food here is really tasty, while the services outstanding. If you love Mexican food, this is a place not to miss when visiting Ponca City. The service here is also very fast so you will not have to wait for long to have the foods served to you.

The Poncan Theater
will charm you with both its beautiful inside arrangement and its amazing exterior. The theater first opened in 1927 and for years it has been the most impressive one in town. Great plays, live performances and wonderful movies can be watched in this Ponca City cultural venue.

Marland's Grand Home
is a great Ponca City museum. The house was built in 1925 and it belonged to Oklahoma governor and oilman E. W. Marland. Within the museum you can visit a lovely sculpture gallery, but also historical exhibits, photos and artifacts from the days when the governor lived. The house is really impressive including 55 rooms, 10 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, but also 3 kitchens.

Cann Memorial Botanical Gardens
will manage to conquer you with their splendor. The gardens are opened for visits every day of the week and they require no admission fee. Within this wonderful place you will be able to see more than 70 species of trees, which were planted here before the 1980s. Numerous plant species are hosted by the Ponca City botanical gardens.
Ponca City Map