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Discover Vacationland and compare the cheapest car rental in Rockland.. Did you know that Rockland is a popular tourist destination? Rockland is also a departure point from Maine State Ferry Service to the islands of Penobscot Bay: Vinalhaven, North Haven, and Matinicus.

Best Way to Travel: Car
#1 Thing to do: Farnsworth Art Museum
#2 Thing to do: Thorfinn Expeditions – Day Tours
#3 Thing to do: Strand Theater

Fun Fact:
Rockland’s main export is lobster.
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Rockland is a small and charming city you can visit if you travel to Maine, United States of America. Rockland belongs to Knox County and it also is its county seat. Because the city is the departure point for several islands in the area: Vinalhaven, North Haven and Matinicus, Rockland is a favorite touristic attraction of those visiting the state. Europeans settled in the area of Rockland in 1767 and John Warren and his two brothers were the firsts to arrive here. Before their arrival in the area, the Abenaki Indians inhabited it and used to call it Catawamteak, meaning “great landing place”. Before receiving the name of Rockland, the city was also called Lermond’s Cove and Shore. It was incorporated in 1854 as Rockland City.
Top Attractions within Rockland

Birch Point State Park
is a wonderful natural area located within the area of Rockland. The attraction includes a great beach, picnic areas and recreational possibilities. If you want to stay active and also spend time with your family in the middle of the nature, try walking or hiking in this place. It exists a small entrance fee and the money is used to provide visitors a clean space of leisure and relaxation.

Maine Lighthouse Museum
is a great museum that you can visit while in Rockland. It has a huge collection of lifesaving artifacts, from all times and also a room which depicts the history of Rockland. The tours are exquisite and at the end of the day you can shop for wonderful souvenirs in the museum’s shop.
Oh! Bento is a restaurant located downtown Rockland. If you want to enjoy great Japanese dishes in an intimate atmosphere, this Rockland restaurant is perfect. The food is great and the prices are moderate, in comparison to what you will enjoy.

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