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Sitka is a lovely unified city-borough in the state of Alaska, United States, located more exactly on Baranof Island and the southern half of Chicagof Island, in the Alexander Archipelago. The history of Sitka goes back to 1799, when the area was colonized. Later on, Sitka became incorporated in 1913 as City of Sitka and then in 1971 as the current City and Borough of Sitka. Sitka has a total population of 8,986 residents according to the 2005 census, making it the fourth most populous city in Alaska. When coming to Sitka, you will be delighted with the wide array of cultural and recreational opportunities and the amazing scenery.

Top Attractions within Sitka

The Saint Lazaria Wilderness is part of the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge, which is an extraordinary place in the core of the nature, comprising 2,400 islands, rocks, reefs, headlands, islets, and spires. Besides the numerous animals present here, the park is also renown for the impressive number of seabirds that inhabit it.

Sitka National Park is of significant relevance for the history and heritage of Sitka. On the site of the park you will find the Sitka National Monument, the Russian Bishop's House and other historic landmarks.

The Tongass National Forest. Only a part of the forest is located in Sitka, but it is definitely worth visiting, since it provides incredible recreation opportunities, some of which can only be found in Alaska. Make sure that you go with a tour guide and you will be able to enjoy them all.

The Sitka Historical Museum is the place where you will find out many interesting facts about the local history and heritage, by means of the extensive displays of artifacts and historical items.

Ludwig's Bistro is one of the best eating venues in Sitka, specializing in delicious Mediterranean food. Besides the complementary bread and oil, the local, fresh food is exquisite and will satisfy every taste bud. With an intimate atmosphere, this restaurant has grown to be one of the favorite spots in Sitka, among both locals and tourists.

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