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Steubenville Guide

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Did you know that Steubenville is called the “City of Murals”?

Population: 19,329
Best Way to Travel: Car
#1 Thing to do: Historic Fort Steuben
#2 Thing to do: Tilt 43
#3 Thing to do: Welsh Classic Car Museum

Fun Fact: Steubenville has more than 25 murals located at its downtown area. Steubenville is also considered as Ohio's Cookie Capital.
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Steubenville is located in the Jefferson County, in the State of Ohio. As the county seat, Steubenville is one of the major contributors to a large Metropolitan Statistical Area, formed with Weirton, West Virginia. The population in Steubenville reaches approximately 18,660 inhabitants. The nicknames given to Steubenville include: "Ohio's Cookie Capital" and "The City of Murals."

Top Attractions within Steubenville

The Historic Fort Steuben Park is one of the major landmarks of Steubenville. The park includes a variety of historical attractions, though which you will discover and learn more about the past development of the community and about the initial settlers of the Ohio frontier. The park includes Fort Steuben, the reconstructed 18th century fort of the Ohio River. In addition to this, you may like to visit the Veterans Memorial Fountain, the Berkman Amphitheater and the Museum Shop of the Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The Dean Martin Festival is held during a weekend in June, in Steubenville. This is a celebration of the multi-talented personality, who was a local resident. Dean Martin's contribution to the film, music and television industries is commemorated through various events related. The aim of this festival is also to raise money and support for the Dean Martin Scholarship Funds for those training in Music and Arts at the local High School.

The Carmike Cinema operates a great theater in Steubenville. Here, people can witness a variety of productions, from the more modern releases. In addition to cinema screenings, the venue includes artistic shows in the programs and special events. Therefore, all possible tastes and interests in entertainment can be met at the Carmike Cinema.

The Ville Restaurant and Bar is one of the perfect places to eat in Steubenville. The restaurant proudly advertises its large steaks and chicken salads, as one of the favorite menu choices. The Ville has a friendly and casual atmosphere. You may come here with your family and friends and have a great meal in a peaceful location. You will also like the variety of drinks at the bar and the large choice menu for deserts at The Ville Restaurant and Bar.

Top 6 Things to Do in Steubenville

Located along the Ohio River in Jefferson County in the US state of Ohio is the city of Steubenville. This is the county seat of Jefferson County. The city is often called as the city of murals because there are an average of 25 murals in the downtown area.

1. Old Fort Steuben: This is a reconstruction of the old fort on its original site overlooking the Ohio River. The previous fort was built in the 18th century. The fort features displays of the soldier's life on the Ohio front. 

2. Jefferson County Historical Association Museum: The museum is on e of the most prominent museums in the area. It has a large and valuable collection of age old artifacts from the by gone era. This is one of the popular spots of tourists who come to the city.  

3. Ohio River: The Ohio River in itself is one of the most important tourist places to go during your visit to Steubenville. The river is one of the most important river systems in the country and is a good place to go for a picnic or a boat ride.

4. Welsh Museum: This second important museum in the city of Steubenville. The museum has a fine collection of many articles.

5. The Classic Car Museum: This is the place to go for all the car lovers who come to the city of Steubenville. The museum has an amazing array of displays of many of the classic cars to have hit the market.

6. Jefferson Community College: This is another important college of the city of Steubenville. There are many students from various nationalities studying here and is often visited by many educationalists.

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