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Urbana Car Rental Comparison

Urbana is a beautiful city and the county seat of Champaign County, Illinois, United States of America. Urbana is number 10 in the top of the most populous cities in the state of Illinois, without counting the area of Chicago. It has an area of 11.7 square miles and a number of 41,000 residents. In 2008, Urbana became a sister city of Zomba, Malawi. A notable resident of this city is Erika Harold, the beautiful lady that was crowned Miss America in 2003. If you plan on visiting Urbana, there are some wonderful attractions that you should have on your list of places to see.

Top Attractions within Urbana

Urbana Sweetcorn Festival is an annual tradition of Urbana since August 1975. Back then, it was a small event organized by the employees of Busey Bank, but in the last 30 years, the festival continued to grow. The wonderful Urbana event includes a parade, a car show, live music, lots of beer, family areas and playgrounds and tons of food.

Candlestick Lane is the name of a tradition and of a neighborhood of Urbana. In 1961, the residents of that Urbana area decorated their homes for Christmas with a lot of lights and figures and since then, this was established as a tradition and the neighborhood was named after it. In present, each year, the locals in the area are competing for the most beautifully adorned home in the month of December.

Market at the Square is a farmer's market that settled as a tradition of the city since 1979. Since May to November, each Saturday, the Lincoln Square of Urbana is filled with vendors. Take advantage of the fresh fruits and homemade local dishes and have a great time with your family. From this Urbana attraction, you can also buy fresh local products.

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