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Vineyard Haven Car Rental
Vineyard Haven Guide

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Did you know that
Vineyard Haven is the main port of entry to Martha's Vineyard?

Population: 2,099
Best Way To Travel: Bus, Plane, Car
#1 Thing to do: Witch of Endor Sailing Charters
#2 Thing to do: Sea Witch Sailing Day Charters
#3 Thing to do: Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary

Fun Fact: The Steamship Authority wharf is located in Vineyard Haven.
#1 Car Rental Company: Hertz
Vineyard Haven is a nice census designated place located within Tisbury town. In fact, Vineyard Haven is situated in Dukes County, Massachusetts, United States. Vineyard Haven has an area of 1.6 square miles and a population of more than 2,000 residents, as the 2000 census indicated. Part of its history, Vineyard Haven has been well known under the name of Nobnocket, due to the original inhabitants of the area, but also as Homes Hole, the way colonial settlers named the city. Initially, Vineyard Haven was settled as a village, in 1871. Currently, Vineyard Haven is a lovely place to visit, being filled with recreational spots and places of a scenic beauty. 

5 Things You Must Do in Vineyard Haven

Vineyard Haven basically is a census-designated village and a place situated in Tisbury Town, Martha's Vineyard, in Dukes County, Massachusetts, in the US. Vineyard Haven is the core harbor for entering Martha's Vineyard. Top places to visit in this beautiful destination are:

1. Manuel Correllus State Forest, Ideal for Picnic Goers: This is rated to be the number one thing to do once visiting Vineyard Haven. This park is has the name of natural wonder. This park stretches to 5,000 acres of land and its location is exactly in the middle of island. The park at present is used mainly for recreational activities such as cross-country skiing, hiking, cycling, and horseback riding.

2. Granary Gallery: This famous gallery is home to the rustic, strong, red barn exhibiting various internationally acclaimed artists, includinging renowned photographers such as Margaret Bourke-White and Carl Mydans. This gallery is appreciated for the Sunday afternoon functions held every week featuring various artists.

3. Polly Hill Arboretum, Paradise for Nature Lovers: Polly Hill has been cultivating plants and trees on the family farm from the past 40 years. They are the island's leading nature platform. Tour arrangements to this hill will definitely provide a glimpse into this breathtaking nature panorama.

4. Martha's Vineyard Family Campground, Cherish Camping: This is the only campground of Vineyard Haven and is truly extravagant. It holds amenities such as restrooms, recreation hall, and a playground. It is an ideal place for picnics and an open fire.

5. Beadniks, Fashion Fiesta: It started as a petite expansion to the Muse gallery, however this shop has become big. At present, it inhabits the entire building. Beadniks is perhaps more than just a bead shop. It specializes in dolls, jewelry, and gift items.

Top Attractions within Vineyard Haven 

Waterside Market is a great restaurant located in Vineyard Haven. The food served in this spot is absolutely delicious, so there is no way you will not have a great time when being in this place. The menu is varied, but all foods are fresh and perfectly cooked. Eating in this Vineyard Haven restaurant will surely be affordable for all visitors.

Artcliff Diner
 is an excellent restaurant located in Vineyard Haven. There is no way you can be disappointed by the foods or services you will find in this location. And since both food and atmosphere are great, all visitors will enjoy a spectacular time in this unique place. Fresh local ingredients are used for the best food recipes that can be tasted here.

Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary
 is a 350 acres sanctuary located near Vineyard Haven. Here you will find more than 100 bird species and having this fact under consideration there is no wonder that the sanctuary's most popular activity is birdwatching. Various plant species can be admired here. Great walks in this spot will help you admire some impressive views. 
Sea Witch Sailing Charters
 should definitely be included into your route. You will be able to sail through great tourist tours while visiting Vineyard Haven and this is an activity that the entire family will fully enjoy. The services on these tours are outstanding.
Vineyard Haven Map