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Weslaco is a wonderful city located in Texas, United States. Situated in Hidalgo County, Weslaco has an area of 12.8 square miles and a population of more than 35,000 residents, as the 2010 census indicated. With a rich history and an impressive cultural heritage, Weslaco is a great place to visit by tourists arriving from all around the state, but not only. If you are going to be in the area soon, make sure to visit some of the most important Weslaco sights of interest.

5 Things You Must Do in Weslaco

One of the cities of the Texas's Hidalgo County, Weslaco has a rich heritage. W.E. Stewart Land Company is the instrumental name that gave birth to the title – Weslaco. Weslaco is an industrial estate and famous for its commercial trading. It treasures some of the finest tourist destinations that one can explore.

1. Experience history at the Weslaco Museum:  It was previously called the World's Smallest Museum. All the relics of the past have been maintained and preserved carefully. The Iwo Jima Painting, photographs and old switchboards and bank safes have been preserved here.

2. Visit City Hall and Tower Theatre: A welcoming delight: 1997 was the momentous year when Weslaco was christened as the Texas Main Street City. The city hall is beautiful and a drive through the city is just the right thing that one can do, while at Weslaco.

3. Enjoy Golfing Delight: One cannot miss the 'once in a lifetime experience' of playing golf on these extremely well-manicured golf courses. The three famous golf clubs always welcome the tourist to come and enjoy a relaxing round of golf.

4. Explore Weslaco Library for the Shakespeares: A knowledge bank also would be less a term to describe the amount of information that is a being bundled up here. It is a paradise for the people who feel that books are their best friends. 

5. Visit Valley Nature Centre – Bliss! : This nature centre is extremely famous for the rich flora and fauna that is present. People are trying to incorporate productive methods to nourish the natural environment. Rarest of plant and animal species can be seen and hence, everyone should make it a point to witness this living natural miracle.

Top Attractions within Weslaco

Weslaco Museum is a wonderful place to visit in the city. The Weslaco Museum was first built in 1971, aiming to preserve the great history and cultural heritage of the area. The museum currently hosts numerous exhibits including clothing items, photograph collections and furnishing pieces, as well as other artifacts depicting the history of the early settlers of the area.

Estero Liano Grande State Park is a 176 acres natural spot near Weslaco. Woodlands, a wonderful lake and numerous trails, as well as an observation deck can be found in this location. Visiting this park will be a great idea if you want to enjoy a walk into a place of a scenic beauty. You can find numerous interesting birds, plant species, but also many trails in this scenery and peaceful park.

The Valley Nature Center Park is a home to numerous native plant and animal species. Within the park you will find lovely waking trails, but also three cactus gardens and large butterfly ponds.

Ciro's is a great Weslaco restaurant. The Mexican food served in this location is absolutely delicious, so there is no way you will not enjoy it. The service here is really outstanding. Although the food is fresh and perfectly cook, the staff is very fast, so you will not have to wait too long for your foods to be served to you.

Fat Daddy's is a spot not to miss when being in Weslaco. The hamburgers and the seafood here are absolutely excellent and you should know that the portions are very big and the prices are always reasonable in this location.

Weslaco Map