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West Yellowstone Car Rental Comparison

West Yellowstone is a beautiful town you can visit in Gallatin County, Montana, United States of America. West Yellowstone is located close to Yellowstone National Park and served by the Yellowstone Airport. The city has about 1,200 residents, living together on an area of 0.8 square miles. West Yellowstone is situated at approximately 7,000 feet above the sea level and half of the way between the equator and the north pole. If you want to visit the famous park, you might want to look for accommodation in West Yellowstone and also visit its most important attractions.

Top Attractions within West Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park was established by president Ulysses S. Grant in 1872. The impressive park is located only partly in Montana and near West Yellowstone and partly in the states of Wyoming and Idaho. It is famous for being the first national park in the world and has a lot of attractions within its area. The area of the park included in West Yellowstone was inhabited by the Native Americans for more than 10,000 years. This West Yellowstone attraction has an area of more than 2 million acres. It is visited by 3.5 million tourists each year. In 1978, Yellowstone National Park became a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Americas region.

Ernie's Bakery and Deli is the best eatery in the area of West Yellowstone. In this simple, yet lovely restaurant, the passion for food is the most important. The dishes of the American cuisine are served in a breathtaking setting and the atmosphere is wonderful thanks to Doc and Dona, the owners that will make you feel like home.

Bar N Ranch is a wonderful restaurant located within the area of a rustic inn. The eatery offers fine dishes of the International cuisine, grill service and a full bar. The atmosphere is relaxing and pleasant and if you visit this West Yellowstone attraction you definitely need to take a walk in the area of this eatery to admire the wonderful landscapes.

5 Things You Must Do in West Yellowstone

If you're delighted by pristine natural wonders and outdoor adventure, visit West Yellowstone in Montana, next door to the Yellowstone National Park.  This area offers great fun in any season.  Here are five things you must do in West Yellowstone:

1. Take a good long soak in the Norris Hot Springs- Visitors can enjoy a long and healthful soak in the magma-heated waters of the luscious hot springs.  Enjoy live music and tasted some healthy eating from the nearby restaurant.

2. Go horseback riding at All Yellowstone Sports- This is the ideal family outing for you to enjoy a horseback ride on gentle, well-trained horses.  Rides are available inside Yellowstone National Park and along numerous riding trails.

3. Go dog-sledding at the Spirit of the North Sled Dog Adventures- This is an exciting wintertime opportunity to travel on a guided dog-sledding trip through the Gallatin National Forest and in the Big Sky area.  Feel the power of the huskies as they race through the snow fields.

4. Go white water rafting through the Flying Pig Raft Company- Take a rafting tour of the Yellowstone River, including treks through notorious rapids and relax your way downstream as you take in views of the Yellowstone National Park. 

5. View live grizzly bears at the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center- See how grizzly bears and gray wolves live in their natural environment at this center that attempts to replicate their natural habitat.  Interact with naturalists and enjoy wildlife reservations.

West Yellowstone Map