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Did you know that
Westford has an annual Strawberry Festival?

Best Way To Travel: Train, Car
#1 Thing to do: The Butterfly Place
#2 Thing to do: Nashoba Valley Ski Area
#3 Thing to do: Kimball Farm

Fun Fact:
The Abbot Worsted Company was the first company in the United States to use camel hair for worsted yarns.
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Westford is a lovely town located in the state of Massachusetts, United States. Situated in Middlesex County, Westford has an area of 31.3 square miles and a population of more than 21,900 residents, according to the 2010 census. Westford was first settled in 1635, but the town was only incorporated in 1729. The most impressive development of the town is mostly linked to the 18th and 19th century production of granite, apples and also worsted yarn. With a great historical development, an impressive cultural heritage and numerous places of interest, Westford is a wonderful destination for visitors arriving from all around the state. 

Top Attractions within Westford 

Nashoba Valley Ski Area is a beautiful recreational ski spot in Westford. If you like snow and skiing, this venue is one not to be missed during the cold days of winter, but not only, as the area is very popular all year long. No matter if you are an advanced skier or you are just learning how to ski, this is a great place to visit. The venue also features a summer day camp and a Halloween theme park.
The Butterfly Place
 is a natural spot in Westford. The wildlife area has a scenery beauty and the indoor butterfly palace located here should not be missed, mostly if you are traveling with children. Here, you will be able to see some wonderful species of butterfly in their natural habitat and there really is no way you will not be charmed. 

Kimball Farm is a great place to visit for a tasty desert. The ice cream here is absolutely delicious, actually being considered the best ice cream in the whole area. The seafood specialties served in this Westford location are equally appreciated. 

Belle's Bistro is an excellent Westford restaurant. Both food and drinks served in this spot are really delicious, while the atmosphere is always nice and cozy. The best thing about this place is that you will also be able to eat delicious vegan food. The restaurant is absolutely charming.

5 Things You Must Do in Westford

Westford is a town situated in the County of Middlesex in the State of Massachusetts in United States. The city has been much renowned for its production of granite, apples and yarn since the 18th century. By the beginning years of 1990s, Westford became the center of offices like Puma, Red Hat, Seagate, Samsung and Iris Associates. This has attributed to the city earning a nickname of a technological hub.

1. Explore the history at Westford Museum and Historical Society: The museum is a rare assortment of ancient artifacts and ancillaries of small towns. The place also houses various concert series, guitar workshops, genealogy courses, art exhibitions and historical discourses of immense interest.

2. Test your knowledge at J.V. Fletcher Library: The library houses books and journals covering different aspects of educational, research and professional genres. Topics like cooking, language guide, technical and other topics are adequately covered.

3. Discover new things at the Parish Center for Arts:The center offers varied items like classes, comedy and musical concerts, theatrical performances and other services. The center serves as the complete guide to fulfill almost all needs of day-to-day life as banquet facilities, fund raising, tutorials, workshops and other literature related functions.

4. Enhance your knowledge at MIT Haystack Observatory: The observatory has been instrumental in carrying out extremely sensitive projects of national and global importance. You can go through categories like astronomy, geodesy, atmospheric sciences which help to accentuate the existing knowledge of humans regarding science and technology.

5. Visit the spiritual First Parish Church: The church serves the diverse needs of society like providing food and shelter to poor and needy, providing spiritual and mental development sessions including verses and meditation. 

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