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Yakima is a beautiful American city that you can visit in Yakima County, Washington, United States. Yakima is the county seat of Yakima County and is located close to Mount Rainier National Park. The city is the eight most populous city in the state. It is also nicknamed "The Palm Springs of Washington" and its symbol is a red apple, thanks to its location in Yakima Valley, an area famous for the production of apples, extremely important for the economy of the United States of America. The city was incorporated on December 1, 1883 and in present has about 90,000 residents and an area of 20.6 miles, of which 0.5 square miles are water. If you want to see Yakima, do not miss its points of interest.

Top Attractions within Yakima

Yakima Folklife Festival is an important event in the life of the city. This festival celebrates the folk music and gathers thousands of participants from all around the country. This Yakima event is one of the most important attractions of the city. If you are interested in it, visit Yakima in the second week of July and make sure you reach Franklin Park, as this is the host of the festival.

Yakima Farmer's Market is another important community event. You can take advantage of it on each Sunday, starting from May and until the end of October. As Yakima is famous for the production of fruits, especially apples, you will absolutely enjoy this great event. Shop for fresh fruits and taste dishes of the local cuisine that are sold all through the day.

Yakima Valley Trolleys Museum tries to preserve and keep intact the electric railroads of the area and their history. Visit this beautiful museum and you will have the chance to admire one of the greatest trolley collections in the world, photo galleries, videos and memorabilia related to them.

5 Things You Must Do in Yakima

Yakima city and County are located in South Central Washington state near where the Naches and Yakima Rivers meet.  It is the gateway to the nearby Cascade Mountains.  Here are five things you must do in Yakima.

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1. Take a water-walking class at the Lions or Franklin Pool

The Lions Pool is an indoor pool, while the Franklin pool is a seasonal outdoor pool.  Swimming classes are offered, including adult water-walking.

2. Go skateboarding at the Chesterley Park

This ten thousand square foot park features the best in skateboarding, including a bowl, an eight-foot quarter pipe, a four-foot quarter pipe, a six-foot quarter pipe, a two foot ramp, inline rail opportunities, a skateboard rail and a variety of skateboarding ramps.

3. Have a picnic at the Emil Kissel Park

Located within the city limits of Yakima, this park offers play equipment, picnic shelters, grills, restroom facilities and twelve tennis courts.  Pack a wholesome picnic lunch.

4. Walk the nature trails at Randall Park

This park is great for picnics and features nature trails and pathways and a scenic duck pond.  It's a perfect spot for the entire family to enjoy a sunny day.  Play pick up basketball at one of its basketball courts.

5. Visit exhibits at the Yakima Valley Museum

Featuring both traveling and stationary exhibits, this quaint museum also features theater productions from local actors.  Take in images of Yakima's history and culture or learn about Victorian life in their Victorian exhibit.  

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